Murder case of Rynn Werrock

CASE STATUS: Case Closed

This murder was solved by the adventuring group Griffons Revenge who were employed to investigate by Jorun, Rynn’s son as their first contract as an adventuring group. The culprit was The Spider who was searching for the Talisman of the Sphere.

Rynn Werrock, owner of The Dancing Griffon, father of Jorun and Karl, Male Human Rogue/Expert. Rynn was murdered early hours of Sun Day morning (2nd Sun’s Rise) by an unknown party.

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Folkvar was alerted to the murder by Haley Salas’ scream.

  • Rynn was stabbed in the neck by a powerful strike with a heavy dagger. The attacker was strong as there was considerable bruising around the wound

  • Rynn was found with two items in his hands; the first was a scrap of torn black cloth. The second was a small stiletto, with blood on the blade. It would appear that as the attacker struck, Rynn managed to get a grasp on them and a quick stab of his own

  • Rynn is an ex-member of the Red Knives

Rynn was killed in a loading alley behind the Dancing Griffon

  • It was raining by the time the murder occurred and so, much evidence was undoubtedly lost. However a small silver cuff-link was found in the alley where Rynn was murdered. It looks high quality and almost certainly came from a suit sleeve. Howard Treekin later admitted to it being his and paid the PCs for its return and for their silence as he was with a prostitue, Haley Salas at the time of the murder

  • A pool of blood was found near the alley entrance. A blood biography and locate creature spell were cast on the sample revealing that the killer calls himself ‘The Spider’ and that he is a ‘bringer of night’ by trade. At the time if casting, he was due north of the Dancing Griffon

  • The tiles on the roof of the next building were scuffed, as if someone was walking along it wactching the alley below. Rag later admitted to it being him. He watched the murder and then swooped down to steal from Rynn’s body

Bones saw a man matching the description of the killer flee towards a pond in Gold Park. The PCs searched and found the following clues:

  • Remnants of a potion of cure critical wounds at caster level 10

  • Remnants of a potion of pass without trace at an unknown caster level

  • Torn parcel wrapping with the symbol of a spider on it



  • Jorun was seen arguing with his father during the night and seemed upset that others had ruined the celebrations surrounding his birthday

  • Jorun was quite drunk throughout the night

  • Jorun was recently named as the legal successor to the Dancing Griffon in Rynn’s will

  • No-one knows where Jorun was at the time of the murder

  • Jorun later admitted that he is currently an active member of the Red Knives

  • Jorun was seen wearing a black waterproof cloak just before the murder took place but the Iron Fists later confirmed that it was not ripped when they arrested him

  • Jorun carried a stout knife hidden on his body which could match the description of the murder weapon

  • A prostitute from a nearby bordello confirmed that she saw Jorun and another male, both wearing dark waterproof cloaks walking towards the Girffon at around the time of the murder


  • Rag is a well-known criminal normally based in the Market District. No-one knows his real name or if he has a fixed address. His unkempt appearance would suggest otherwise

  • Rag has admitted that he held a grudge against Rynn for leaving the Red Knives as they were partners

  • Rynn made Rag stop fleecing a group of rich bankers in the Griffon. Rag didn’t take too kindly to this and the pair argued before Rag left

  • Rag is a known drug user and is prone to fits of sudden emotion

  • The scrap of black cloth in Rynn’s hand could easily have come from Rag’s tattered clothing. His physical description roughly matches that of the murderer

  • Rag had many knives on his person when captured by the PCs, any number of which would fit the description of the murder weapon

  • Rynn’s family ring was found in his possession

  • Rag had an injury on his abdomen consistent with the wound that the murderer would have suffered at Rynn’s knife. Rag claimed it was fresh and caused by the PCs during the chase across the rooftops of the Market District. PCs were unable to verify/disprove this


  • ‘Big’ Joseph Mancini is a bouncer, gangster and supposed hit-man who works for Frankie Tiscali at the Black Oak casino

  • He came to the Griffon on the night of the murder at the behest of Frankie to rough the place up for allowing gambling to take place there

  • Dashel spotted a tattoo of a spider on Joe’s neck. Joe claimed it was an old gang tag of ‘The Black Widows’ a criminal organization which Joe once belonged to. It was absorbed into the Red Knives, which is why Joe left and found a job at the Casino. The Iron Fists have verified these claims

  • Joe was wearing a black jacket and dark clothing on the night of the murder and his physical description closely matches that of the murderer

  • Dashel was stabbed by Joe’s own knife during a fight at the Griffon and it closely matches the description of the murder weapon

  • PCs found a note, PROP 2 in Joe’s appartment along with poisons and drugs which would implicate that Frankie hired him to kill Rynn


  • Frankie has threatened Rynn in the past with regards to not paying protection fees and allowing gambling in the common rooms of the Griffon

  • Frankie came round earlier and PCs witnessed him threatening Rynn


  • The bouncer from the Dancing Griffon, he was mysteriously missing during Big Joe’s assault earlier in the evening. Davor claimed he was with Haley Salas but later changed his story after being interrogated by the PCs and accused of being paid off by Frankie

  • Davor said he was in fact scoring drugs from ‘Boar’ a local dealer in the Circuit

  • Rynn chewed Davor out in front of everyone after Joe’s attack and the Half-Orc seemed genuinely guilty for the damage done but angry at being embarrassed by his boss



  • A prostitute working the bars and taverns of the Golden Circuit, she was with a customer when she saw Rynn getting stabbed. The customer later turned out to be Howard Treekin. Haley couldn’t see much due to the rain and darkness, but said that the killer bent down to rummage through Rynn’s pockets.

  • Haley admits that Davor is a regular of hers, but after being intimidated by Folkvar she said that she didn’t see him at all on the night of the murder


  • Howard is a junior executive in Heredor and Sons. Bank

  • Howard admits to being with Haley on the night of the murder and paid the PCs for their silence

  • Howard’s cufflink was found in the alley near the body

  • Howard’s keen Half-elf eyes saw the killer run off towards Gold Park but said that he didn’t rummage through Rynn’s pockets, instead it looked like he was closing his eyes.


  • A homeless man who frequents the soup kitchen in Gold Park. He pointed the PCs over to the pond where he saw a man dressed in dark clothing run with a limp on the night of the murder
  • Actual Timeline of events

  • Frankie Tiscali and his men enter the Griffon early and casually threaten Rynn to not allow any gambling to happen again in his common room as he has heard there is a big night on
  • The tavern gets busier. The Spider enters and watches Rynn Werrock throughout the night sat in the Griffon in various disguises
  • Big Joe bribes Davor with drugs to leave the door unguarded for twenty minutes
  • Big Joe and his cronies enter the Griffon and cause trouble
  • Mikhail saves Jayne and ‘Baptiste’ from the ruffians. Escorts Jayne home and takes the beaten up thugs to the Golden Circuit Iron Fists station
  • Jorun goes on a vengeance spree to the Casino with the most drunk of his friends but are all rebuffed by the bouncers. PCs find them and escort them home
  • Rag and Esstin enter after following a group of rich-looking banking executives in (amongst them Howard Treekin) and try to start up a swindle in the corner involving cards and the banker’s gold. Rynn stops them and asks them not to gamble tonight (after the trouble with Big Joe). Rag storms out, glaring at Rynn after arguing with him
  • The Spider waits until the majority of patrons have left the inn
  • Jorun leaves the tavern to meet Carlos
  • The Spider follows Rynn out into the alleyway and confronts him. When Rynn denies any knowledge, The Spider strikes, killing him. Haley, Howard and Rag all see this happen (with varying degrees of accuracy)

Murder case of Rynn Werrock

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