Continents of Orithia



Salamonis- Capital of Salamon, largest city on the continent of Darkfell
Port Blacksand- A hive of scum and villany
Shae – A booming trade town north of Salamonis
Apple Hill – A sleepy farming village
Rose Falls – Salamon’s most easterly town characterised by a large waterfall and mine
Lake Town – A new settlement near Lake Pechwe
New Scenzan – A well established coastal town

Talairen Empire
Menephene- Capital of the Talairen culture, located in a vast underground cavern
Amon-Sera- The first Talairen surface town
Dawn Rock- A dwarf hold closely allied to the Talairen Empire

Secondary locations

Tor Acarne – City located on Darkfell’s far Eastern shore
Jottsplatt – City of the Northern Tribes
Dun-e-Dor – A dwarf hold in Darkfell’s far north
The Northlands – A wild region of tundra and pine forests
Greenwood Vale – A series of lakes and forest to the south-east of Salamonis
Plain of Salamon – The wide rolling grasslands of Salamon
The Burning Desert – A vast desert on Salamon’s southern border
The Dragonlands – Home to Orithia’s dragon folk population on Darkfell’s southern coast


Kondar – Birthplace of the Capitavirate and pre-eminent nation on Orithia
Khostinak – Dwarven nation comprised on several holds, close allies of Kondar

Secondary Locations

Valero – client state of Kondar (since 2404)
Minea – client state of Kondar (since 2402)
Oreth – client state of Kondar (since 2401)
Arafar – Tir’s last independant nation


Ealdim – Land of chivalry and honour,
Valonia – Previous home of the White Tower of Mages, now mostly destroyed
Alhan – Land of fierce warriors and gladiators
Kepik – A feudal nation ruled by Shoguns.

Secondary Locations

Tsagara – A peaceful land sharing many traditions and a border with Kepik
Urnst – A militaristic nation on Rosaia’s northern shore. Hates Valonia.

Across the seas…

Dashar – Oldest nation of Orithia which has fallen into decline
The Borderlands – An inhospitable region inhabited by refugees and criminals
Alaris – Descendents of Dashar, at war with Kondar
Yelnihas – Homeland of Orithia’s halflings
Kahuna Kaiaka – A largely unknown paradise populated by halflings


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