A small, militaristic nation on the Western coast of the continent of Rosaia. It has long maintained a stance of isolation, not becomming involved in any of the wars which have rocked Orithia over the centuries.

Kepician samurai

Kepik is an intensely feudal nation, governed by an all-powerful Emperor and his selected Shoguns. Below the Shoguns is a highly complex and brutally enforced caste system which keeps every member of Kepik society in thier place. This system has been the cause of three great Peasant Revolts, assassinations and near endless civil unrest. Each Shogun is expected to maintain order within his domain as well as meet the Emperor’s tithes so they each possess a sizable private army. This is made up of highly disciplined, motivated and individualistic swordsmen each of whom is a minor land owner themselves. These elite warriors are then supported by thier own retainers, mostly poorly armed with pikes and bows. These armies are used to supress fractious peasants as well as defend thier Shogun’s borders, or expand those borders if the opportunity arises. To an outsider Kepik seems to be almost permanently embroiled in a civil war of one form or another. It is rare for no Shoguns to be either overtly or covertly at war with one another. Kepik assassins, schooled in the mystic arts of the ninja, are some of the most prized (and feared) mercenaries in Orithia.

However, despite being one of the oldest civilised nations on Orithia Kepik has never really played much of a role in global events, preferring to remain isolated to continue it’s own course with it’s millenia of tradition and culture.


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