The city herald title

Docks Murders work of Demon Worshipping Cult!

Adventurer’s investigating dockside murders get more than they bargined for!

The Gryphon Avengers have again proved thier worth to this great city! Dark rumours of ghosts haunting the docks and a unseasonal lack of fish have been circulating for weeks, it seems it was just a matter of time before these adventurers heard about it and took it on themselves to protect the docks. Thier investigation quickly turned up a number of disturbing facts, the dissappearences reported on in this very paper were not the work of a government consipracy but actually of a bloodthirsty cult intent on summoning fiends. The Avengers managed to subdue a number of these cultists and do battle with a major devil in the catacombs under the docks at great personal risk. Blum Hamfist, a doughty dwarf alchemist, was seriously injured during the exciting battle. Recently annointed Paladin Mikhail Borisson apparently led the fight against these evil foes, but this was contested by Carlos Castillo who set the record straight, “i led the investigation myself, in fact these evil cultists were so concerned about my abilities that they waited until i had left to alert the guards before attacking my companions!”

As if this was not enough the Avengers also revealed a Capitavirate warship docked in our very midst! Luckily the sharp eyes of halfling and patriot, Alhena Castor, spotted what could only be the vanguard of a larger invading force! The Iron Fists were ruthless in thier response, quickly revoking the ship’s docking rights and sending it on it’s way, escorted by the Salamon Navy.

Clearly this city owes a great debt to the Avengers for thier work and this reporter is starting to wonder when they will be recognised by the ‘great and good’ of the city?


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