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‘Pathfinder Expedition’ leaves Salamonis!

Soldiers and mercenaries of the 1st Salamon army head South.

SOLDIERS FROM THE SALAMONIS first infantry, nicknamed the ‘Skulltakers’, left Salamonis this morning to begin the ‘Border Push’ initiatived championed by Lord Frazer. Small numbers of our brave soldiers were accompanied by mercenaries and adventurers eager to make themselves a name in an inpromptu parade through the Barracks, Golden Circuit and Southgate districts. Despite the early hour of the departure many hundreds of Salamonis citizens turned out with flags and tokens to support the military. This detachment is commanded by Lieutenant DesSaints, although they will be commanded by Captain Morgan Veldyncross when they arrive at thier first destination in Laketown. Lt DesSaints speaking this morning said, ‘It is very encouraging that so many of Salamonis’ people have come out to show thier support.’

Despite the support shown by the general populace the Border Push initiative has been highly controversial. Lord’s Fraser and Manchini have been instrumental in bringing about the initiative despite many protests from within the government and pressure groups. Many Liel in particular oppose Salamonis’ expansion, fearing for thier kinsfolk who still live in the traditional nomad manner and the liberty they currently enjoy. Other groups feel that Salamonis is ill-prepared for essentially an open ended military campaign both in terms of manpower and political will, the Salamonis army still numbers less than 1,000 professional soldiers which, many mercenaries and adventurers have stated, is not even enough to defend the city walls let alone wage a war of expansion on unknown native monsters.


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