Adventurer's Guild

The Adventurer’s Guild is a new organization, set up by Taiyend d’Tremmellin when he came into power. It was originally an idea formulated by Silvanus the Wise but was never finalised during his brief reign.

The guild works in a very simple way;

  • Patrons with a problem/job opportunity come to the guild and pay the administration fees along with the reward that they will offer for its completion.

  • The Guild then either posts the job in the common room, with details of what is required, how much the patron will pay etc, or in the case of a particularly hazardous job the Guild will contact a particular group of adventurers who would be suited to the task at hand and offer them the job first.

  • Patrons can also request certain groups be contacted/excluded from helping.

  • Once the task is completed, the Guild handles the payment (taking a 10% fee)

In return an adventuring group must;

  • Register with the Guild in order to receive job offers/view posts in the common room.

  • Complete the task in as short a time frame as possible

  • Pay the guild 10% of all plunder/treasure found during a mission which was commissioned through the Guild or in which the group used the Guild’s authority to positive effect(not including stolen items or items of national importance, both of which must be returned to their prospective owners)

  • Not act in a way which brings disrepute to the Guild or to Salamon

  • Where possible assist in search and rescue operations for other missing adventuring groups

There are many benefits for signing up to the Guild. Including;

  • Quicker access to job opportunities

  • Great networking/communication hub

  • A registered group can request a search party be sent should they not return from a mission in a given time frame

  • Discounted gear and magical equipment from associated merchants throughout Salamon

  • Scholarship Bursaries available for the Matteo Da Luca College of Performing Arts, Salamon Academy and Salamon Guild of Mages

The Adventurer’s Guild is fastly becoming a booming success, with patrons enjoying the security and efficacy of response while adventurers benefit from being able to mingle so closely with their peers and prospective employers.

Profits from the organization are spent on improving the Guild’s facilities and paying the investors but it is quite heavily taxed by the government.

Adventurering Company Reputation

Each Adventuring Group’s Reputation score is equal to half the average party level (APL). For this calculation, only class levels add to the APL (not templates, racial HD or level adjustments).

Reputation will increase as a party grows more accomplished, and Reputation bonuses will be awarded for completing particularly difficult or important quests at the guild. Charismatic characters can attempt to influence the populace of a particular city (by hiring bards to sing songs of their bravery or spreading propaganda etc) or neighbourhood. Doing this would allow the party to count their Reputation as being higher than normal in that particular realm.

A party may add half its Reputation score as a bonus to certain skill checks (at DM’s discretion) when in an area in which the populace have heard of the party’s exploits (usually diplomacy, intimidate, perform but other skills can use the bonus if appropriate).

Adventurer's Guild

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