This man dresses in dark clothes which appear simple and practical yet elegant at the same time. His stare is as cold as ice and his only visible possession is a curved Katana at his hip


Male Human Kepician Samurai 5

4515Tomarisenshi 泊戦士+12, 1d10+7, 17-20 (2)/x2 unarmed +8, 1d4plus3 no AoO+6+4+3
30 feet+3S: 16 D: 17 Co: 15 I: 12 W: 15 Ch: 10+821--

Longbow: + 10, 1d8 + 3, x3, 110ft.

Combat Options: Power Attack (-2/+ 4 plus free intimidate), Challenge 2/day (+ 5 damage vs. opponent, + 2 attack/damage if opponent challenges back, -2 AC vs. everyone else), Weapon Expertise (quick draw and + 2 confirm crits with Katanas), Mounted Archer, Banner, Resolve (3/day can remove certain conditions, roll 2d20 for a Will save and take highest or to become staggered instead of being reduced to 0 hp or fewer), Mount, Self-Reliant (re-roll failed Will saves 1 round later and re-roll failed stabilize checks).

Skills: Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate + 8, Knowledge (local) + 9, Survival/Sense Motive + 10, Ride + 11

Equipment: Tomarisenshi 泊戦士 (+ 2 Keen Katana, can cast light at will and darkness/daylight each 1/day @CL10th as a standard action each), long brown coat and wide brimmed hat, ring of protection + 2, satchel with personal possessions, common clothes.



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