Salamonis Chronicles

Session One

Murders most foul..

Saintsday, 1st Sun’s Rise and Sun Day, 2nd Sun’s Rise, yr 2534

  • Summary: The first adventure, Griffon’s Revenge is formed!, murder investigations, chasing Bones across the Market, Big Joe attacks in the alley, Jorun is a Red Knife.

This session saw the PCs investigate two murders which were linked a little too closely to be coincidence. The first was the Murder case of Rynn Werrock and the second was the Murder case of Phaerlan Osbourne.

In order to properly investigate Rynn’s murder, Jorun (Rynn’s son who is also a suspect in the case) asked Blum, Dashel, Folkvar and Mikhailto form an adventuring group (along with anyone else whom they think might help)at the Adventurer’s Guild so that he could then hire them as legal aides to his defence. By joining up, the PCs are able to exert a minor authority when pursuing missions from the Guild (including the investigations).

The PCs formed the group The Griffons’ Revenge and began the investigation. Along the way, they met Alhena who had stowed away on a ship, the Wavestrider. Mikhail agreed to help protect the girl from her past which is apparently pursuing her in return for her magical assistance in investigating the case. The PCs then stumbled upon a second crime scene and on investigation found that Phaerlan’s murder was linked to Rynn’s.

After much investigation, interrogation, battles and a chase across the rooftops of the market district there emerged a few major suspects:

  • Big Joe was suspected in both cases, the PCs searched his apartment and found many clues, drugs and poisons. As they left Joe himself ambushed them with a few heavies but the combat was quickly finished by Dashel’s sword which cleaved Joe’s right arm clean off. Joe is now in custody at the Iron Fists’ Central Station where he is to be questioned in regards to the two murders and he is receiving medical care for his lost arm

  • Rag was suspected of Rynn’s murder but PCs have since decided that he is not their prime suspect. After an eventful chase through the market district following a set up ‘meet’ Rag was apprehended and handed over to the Iron Fists who have kept him imprisoned pending trial for dozens of past crimes

  • Jorun is still held in custody until the trial is complete as he is a secondary suspect for Rynn’s murder. The PCs are working to free him but the late revelation that he is currently an active member of the Red Knives may hinder his case

Dashel’s Journal

Moonday, 3rd of Sunsrise
It would seem that I have immersed myself, along with my new companions, in an intriguing and dangerous design. I mourn the death of Rynn he was a good man and a good friend, despite his past concealed endeavours working for the Red Knives, may peace favour him wherever the gods may will his soul. I fear for Jorun, his fate is still clouded and I have many suspicions about him, especially since his disclosure of being a Red Knife himself.

I have meditated upon these matters and I have found myself lacking, perhaps my mind has been confounded with emotion from the strains I have endured of late, my visions have been clouded and even those of my own history have become a misty disorderly state, I see flashes of ominous light and sprays of blood muddled up with sounds of terror and blasts of smoking debris, and the only image I can concentrate upon is the visage of my saviour Rufus Stormguarde, and his hand over my young shoulder. I still pray to Pelor every morn for a sign or whisper of my father’s presence but my prayers still go unanswered, perhaps the great lord of sun has decided to keep this from me, perhaps I am not to know until deemed ready, or perhaps my lord does not know himself and it is my fate to find these answers personally.

Despite this my spirits have been raised, it would seem my destiny has finally started to unfold; I have at long last joined the Adventurers Guild! No more laborious but unchallenging training days with Caenen or Morgann. I have decided to travel with an interesting and seemingly talented group, I enjoy Folkvars opinion towards violence and moral balance greatly, however I fear his temper may well prove a hindrance in the future. Blum and Alhena are still rather quiet in my presence; perhaps I should engage them privately to learn more about them and their talents. I find Mikhail’s honesty and kindness strange, but applaud his efforts he is a good man, I wait to see his strength in a real battle.

I met another with Psionic Talent, Tau’s powers lie in ensnarement of the mind perhaps he is a Telepath? I hope he is found innocent and released from the station house as I would like to learn from him if he is willing, my talents lie in Psychokinetics but I may still be able to attain new information on my rare talents.

I enjoyed my clash with Joe Mancini, but it would seem that with every murder and opponent brought to Justice, another plot unfurls… I hope to survive these dark days long enough to learn of my father and see my beloved Valonia again, if only in my dreams.

Pelor’s Light guide us

Folkvar’s Journal

The city is not as blissful as I had imagined. Murderers and gangs of criminals stalk the streets with no thought of justice or morality. The owner of the drinking hall was murdered outside in the street! The only witness was a lowly whore. That is no way for a man to die. In this world even his own son was accused of this murder, for such a petty reason as money. How can such a place survive when kin kills kin for paper and coins.

This injustice needs to be undone. It seems though I am not the only person willing to fight for this cause. Other people, close to the barman and his son have joined together to help correct this cruelty. To do this we have been formed into something called an Adventuring Party. We must give ourselves a name, the dwarf suggested The Griffons’ Revenge. This seemed appropriate. Now we can fight for the barmans’s son with authority.

There seems to be no end of criminals and villans willing to kill for no other reason that the joy of feeling another man’s life slip away. Im not sure we can ever find the true killer. Nevertheless we have a few choices in where to start. The whore who saw him die, the gangster with a history and the criminal that enjoys violence. Before this we were requested to help the dwarf recover supplies to help keep the bar open. At the docks I was exposed to evidence of further corruption and greed. The seaman forced us to pay to take the supplies that belong to the barman. I lose hope for the people of the city. It seems however we have a stalker. A half-girl was hidding in the crates. She feeds the others a story of desperation and fear to play on their sympathies. It seemed to have worked as they allow her to follow us along. If this decision proves detrimental we shall soon find out.

The whore seems useless. She seems so used to closing herself off from the world that she cannot help us. All she can describe is the degenerate that she was with that night, but not give us a name. Even so, that man may have seen more so we go back to the alley where the barman died to look for clues. While there we find a small item or jewellry with a crest that could help lead us to the whore’s customer. It turns out that he is a banker. A man with no purpose than to tend to the money of other men. Little wonder he must pay for affection. As suspected, he was a coward and a weakling, hiding behind other men. After the urgency of our visit as explained to him he finally gave a description of the killer, although it was far too vague to ever use.

The gangster appears to be harder to find. Hiding amoung the human waste that inhabits this city. Fortunately the barman’s son seems to have some way of getting us to the gangster. We will meet in a tavern on a bridge. The gangster also turns out to be a coward, fleeing at the first sight of trouble. He was an easy prey and once caught was quick to pour out his story. I doubt this man has the ability to kill the barman without bragging about it to all for his own self satisfaction.

The last suspect is the criminal. We searched his home and found he was planning to kill the barman. But when the criminal caught up to us in a fury we quickly learned this man had neither the skill or the speed to kill. So we had no choice but to go back to the barman’s son and say that we could not track down his father’s killer. As we travelled we encountered yet more death. An elf had been thrown from a building. The neighbours of this elf quickly used this as an excuse to let out thier smothered anger and so turned on each other. While the lawmen were sorting this out it was discovered that the elf and the barman used to belong to the same gang. This seemed unlikely to be a coincidence. Then, when the barman’s son was questioned, it was revealed that he also belongs to this gang. It seems as if this city creeps into every mans soul and corrupts. I can only pray I am strong enough to resist. Spirits guide me.



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