Salamonis Chronicles

Session Sixteen

Moonday 3rd Sunfane yr 2534 contd.

Summary: Continue through sewers, reach Ruby Chalice lair, barge battle, 1st level, enter second level, psions, pits and a carrion golem.

Session Fifteen

Moonday 3rd Sunfane yr 2534

Summary: Medical breakthrough, Mordreth’s manor, Arrow Demon, Folkvar dies, Elementals, Ruby Chalice, Sewers

Session Fourteen

Sun Day 2nd Sunfane yr 2534

Summary: Return to Salamonis, Capitavirate Knights, celebrities, meeting with the Governor, The Slavering Death, northern engagement party, the saga of the bear-woman

Session Thirteen

Fairday 28th Sun’s Rise yr 2534 (continued)

Summary: Dragon hunting, peace talks, return to Lake Town, grave news..

Session Twelve

Trickday 27th Sun’s Rise yr 2534 (continued)

Summary: The Lizard camp, diplomacy, Aragatharos attacks!, Dragon hunting

Session Eleven

Weatherday 26th Sun’s Rise yr 2534 (continued)

Summary: Regroup at Lake Town, the army arrives, war council, recruitment, beach assault, advance through forest, the Lizard camp.

Session Ten

Saintsday 22nd Sun’s Rise yr 2534

(early hours)

Summary: Astrology tower, Tiamat’s Tail, Master’s tower, giant spiders, crumbling buildings, west wing, the ghost in the wet lab, shark pit, dark room. Regroup in Lake Town, parley

Session Nine

Fairday 21st Sun’s Rise yr2534

Summary: The party gain access to the complex, fighting a number of vicious creatures and recovering a seal which should open the towers. Party sustains heavy wounds and other detriments during thier fights.

Session Eight

Weatherday 19th Sun’s Rise yr2534

Evening Session
Summary: Funerals at Lake Town, Phoenix, meet Raven and Nightshade, travel to Gloomwood, stumble upon Talaire camp, sneak back into woods and discover towers, climb to roof and investigate, battle Gloomwing on roof of main building.

Session Seven

Sun Day 16th Sun’s Rise yr2534

  • Summary:Investigation on the docks, bar brawl, sneak into the Scarlet Smile, Kyton battle, Raven, barn raising, travel to Lake Town, defeat Lizardfolk, Blum and Folkvar are killed in battle

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