Salamonis Chronicles

Welcome to the home page for the Salamonis Chronicles 2010-11 campaign! This wiki is designed to manage all the information about the game and allow us all to reference anything we need to at any time away from the table. During the campaign I will be updating the adventure log to keep a record of the progress made in each session.


I’ve created a to do list page where I shall list wiki pages I plan to update next or in the near future, add your own requests or see where you can help out!

The city herald title

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Feel free to look around at the Wiki or Characters page to get a feel for Orithia, or read through the Adventure Log page to follow the exploits of The Griffon’s Revenge Adventuring Company!

On the ‘Wiki’ tab you’ll find information about Orithia, Salamonis and anything else relating to the game world which you can reference. You can also edit the pages or create new ones should you wish. As the game progresses this will become bigger and contain much more information.

On ‘Maps’ I’ve put a very rough paint JPEG of the area surrounding Salamonis. I may put a better one up at some point but this will do for now. You can find more maps on the Campaign Facebook Album

‘Forums’ is to be used for out of character chat

Some handy links:
Blank Character sheet
for use on this page
Pathfinder SRD
d20 SRD
Unoffical Pathfinder SRD but really useful collection of rules
Facebook page for this campaign
Seventh Sanctum really useful site with handy name generators

Salamonis Chronicles

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