Founded in the 11th century by Valonian rebels fleeing their defeat in Valonia‘s civil war. Urnst lies on Rosaia’s northern coast on land which previously belonged to Kepik.

Urnst is a deeply militaristic nation; having seized land from Kepik following their defeat by the combined armies of Valonia, Ealdim and Alhan Urnst’s ruling class could call on no major Rosaian nation as an ally. As such a siege mentality has ruled Urnst and governed almost every major decision.

Urnst’s borders are closed to all travellers who do not purchase a writ of travel (which are prohibitivly expensive) and lethal force is generally used against any who would try and cross the heavily fortified border posts uninvited. Urnst is also the last slave-owning nation, using many hundreds of thousands of captives, prisoners and non-humanoids in massive public works (usually constructing roads and fortifications).

Urnst is arguably one of the least inviting nations in all Orithia, its people are insular and mistrustful, it has a brutal and unforgiving military rule and there are few sites of cultural or artistic significance to visit.


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