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Ok here is where I shall list the pages I plan to work on next (or at least in the near future!).

Feel free to edit this page to add in any suggestions or requests for new (or expanded) wiki pages/characters/items etc.

If you feel like helping flesh out the site (and therefore the lore surrounding Orithia) then this is the list to use!

The Pipeline..

I plan to put up the rules we used for the Drinking games and Wrestling matches as they seemed fun and i want to formalise the rules so they can be used again!

more articles for The Herald

In character diary entries or quotes would really add colour to the page! Add them to your character’s bio on the characters tab or edit this page: Character Pieces

NPCs- i really want to expand the list of famous NPCs in Salamonis- not necessarily adventurers or heroes but government ministers, high ranking clergy, businessmen/women and guildmasters etc. The kind of people whose names are known throughout the land but not necessarily for adventuring. I’m gonna start drafting up a few but any help would be appreciated. I don’t need much- just a name for each maybe with a brief background. For now could you email/text/PM me any ideas as I haven’t decided where on the site they are going to go..

Using the ‘quote’ button (on the toolbar on the edit page) makes text appear like this which looks cool as a ‘fluff’ paragraph

Pages to be expanded upon..

any information you can add to these pages would be welcome!

CHARACTER PAGES: The stats on the characters tab are out of date for the most part. If you could update what you could from memory that would be awesome (including magic items and equipment etc). I know its difficult with me having the character sheets (cough Ed), so do what you can and we might have a go updating them at the next session

I plan to edit some locations (particularly districts in Salamonis) to include a list of NPCs found at that location that the PCs have met (and some they haven’t), essentially drawing from the cast page and pasting them under the correct headings. For example on the Dancing Griffon page I might list Brek, Karl, Jorun, Rustlin, Aermund etc and under the Cathedral of the Great Wheel I might list the priests which the PCs have been interacting with (who still need names lol) and others such as Dimitria Runetonge, Gabriel Scott etc. If anyone wants to make a start that would be great :)


Rose Falls

Salamonis- districts mainly but anything you could add

Firearms- any ideas at all


Kahuna Kaiaka

Port Blacksand-

Cast- have i forgotten anyone?

The Gentlemen of Fortune- have i forgotten any important deeds/exploits/associates?

to do list

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