Area: 99,340,000 sq miles

12,126,000 (humanoids)
5,123,000 (non-humanoids/monstrous)

Kondar – Humanoid – Northern/Coastal
Arafar – Humanoid – South Eastern/Coastal
Khostinak – Humanoid/Dwarven – South Western/Coastal

Valero – Humanoid – Central/Coastal – dependent nation (Kondar)
Minea – Humanoid – Central – dependent nation (Kondar)
Oreth – Humanoid – Central/Coastal – dependent nation (Kondar)

Languages; (by population percentage as first language)
Tirianno, Ealdim
(Note; other languages only negliable percentage spoken >1%)

Tir is in Orithia’s Southern continent
Tir is, broadly speaking, an island. It is surrounded by water on all sides and so does not have any arctic regions (unlike Darkfell or Rosaia). As such it is generally warmer than those continents and has very mild winters. Tir is quite mountainous and receives steady rainfall all year round. The predominant ecosystem on Tir is thick woodlands. Around the major population centres (especially in the North) the woodlands have been cultivated for agricultre but in the South and in more rural areas the woodlands are unspoiled and untamed.
Monstrous humanoid tribes are very common, especially in the South, despite regular attempts to cull thier numbers. Prehistoric volcanic activity has made Tir’s soil fertile and has rich deposits of natural resources. The South West of Tir is especially mountainous and rich in mineral and ore deposits, the dwarven nation of Khostinak controls most of this region.

Brief History
The only indigenous population on Tir (other than monstrous humanoids) were the dwarves of Khostinak who dwelt in the inhospitable mountains in the South West. Humans landed in Tir from Rosaia approximatly 1,600 years ago to escape wars between the Rosaian nations. For much of Tir’s history humans lived in isolated, independent city states. It was only after the Great Tir War in 2170 than true nations formed, starting with Kondar. Over the last 4 decades Kondar has become Orithia’s pre-eminant nation, absorbing Oreth (2401), Minea (2402) and Valero (2404) as client nations. Kondar can now be said to rule over all of Tir (with the notable exception of Khostinak, Kondar’s closest ally, and Arafar). Tir is Orithia’s only united continent since the destruction of the Dashar Commonwealth a millenium ago.


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