Rose Falls

Rose Falls is a mining and prospecting town in Salamon, nestled amongst the western foothills of the Diamondstar Mountains. The town is surrounded by verdant forests and lush rivers and the area is ripe with seams of gold and ore.


Rose Falls began when miners from Gromstel Mining Inc. discovered a rich seam of gold in 2528 and set up a camp to begin extraction. The seam was larger than expected however and before long more and more shacks were being erected to house the staff required to work the seam and eventually their families too. It wasn’t long before the successes of Gromstel Inc. attracted attention from rival companies and soon after, the area was swarming with miners and wannabe prospectors looking to cash in on the ‘Rose Falls Rush’. These other miners were heavily taxed however as the Capitavirate (who were still in power in 2528) contracted Gromstel Mining Inc. to be the sole extractors of ore in the Rose Falls area in return for a hefty share of the profits.

When the Capitavirate was overthrown in 2530, the other miners demanded an equal share of the right to mine the area. Gromstel Mining Inc. was however, less than willing to give up its monopoly and the debate escalated into bloodshed, with the various mining companies laying siege to Rose Falls as Gromstel’s miners and guards held the Foreman’s office at the centre of town.

Eventually, Silvanus heard of the problems in Rose Falls and dispatched an Iron Fists task force to keep the peace while the heads of the mining families were summoned to Salamonis to settle the debate.

The other miners accused Gromstel Inc. of illegally preventing them from mining the area while Thag Gromstel, owner of the company said that he was simply carrying out the orders of the Salamon government. The debate raged on but eventually Silvanus came up with a solution: Silvanus established a branch of the Salamon Mining Guild (SMG) in Rose Falls and appointed Thag Gromstel as its head. He set Gromstel a quota of ore which must be delivered each month to Salamonis (in return for guaranteed subsidised sales) which must be met by each company who wishes to mine there. Any left over ore is kept by the respective company. As head of the guild, it is now up to Gromstel to ensure that each company is working to its best and he is free to retract valuable seams from under-performing companies.

Gromstel naturally gave all the best seams to his own company (and so they still held a dominant position) but the need for other companies to succeed meant that a number of other companies established a hold in the region (see below). The solution worked for a while until Gromstel’s dominant position became known and the other companies complained again, threatening more violence. When Governor d’Tremmellin took power he made the head position of all state-owned guilds and associations (such as the SMG and SNA) an elected post which meant that every three years the members of the SMG would vote on who would be the leader for the next three years.

Gromstel had suddenly lost his monopoly in Rose Falls, but with elections now just about a year away he has enough time to secure alliances and loyalties amongst the other companies. The situation in Rose Falls promises to get very interesting in the run up to the guild elections in 2535..

Mining Companies of Rose Falls

There are dozens of small operations vying for Gromstel’s favour and a chance to work a seam (naturally in return for their vote next year) but the following families have the largest share of miners, land and wealth to back up their operations:

Gromstel Mining Inc.: Owned by Thag Gromstel, Gromstel Mining Inc. are a Dun-E-Dor company who migrated south with the Capitavirate back in the 2520s. Their colours are red and black (representing Clan Gromstel’s alliance with the people of Salamon). Clan Gromstel is a very successful mining company in Dun-E-Dor and Thag is continuing to be harassed by the Clan elders for what they perceive as a failing endeavour in Salamon.

Clan Stonegrinder: Marag Stonegrinder is the leader of this small Clan which originated from the Dawn Rock Clan. They left the fold of their ancestral home when they merged with imperialistic Menephene to strike out on their own. The entire clan lives and works in Rose Falls now, and although some have struck out as rangers or warriors for hire the majority work the mines and seams granted them by Gromstel. Their colours are green and white.

Delici Industries: Marco Delici, eldest son of Carlo Delici and scion of the Delici industrial dynasty commands his family’s interested in Rose Falls. Delici Industries is in fact one of the weakest companies in terms of the amount of ore mined each week but the continued tribute to Gromstel and promised votes keep the company in a dominant position (allowing Delici free reign to pursue his own agendas away from the family’s gaze). Delici Industries wear royal blue.

Amira del Mauro: Amira del Mauro is an outcast from her family for refusing an arranged marriage. Originally from Kondar, the family moved to Salamonis in 2501 and quickly became wealthy nobility through trade with Dun-E-Dor and mining operations near Shae. Amira fled the family estate with the few staff loyal to her and set up her own business in Salamonis. Her natural business acumen and savvy decision-making have made her small company the fastest growing in the sector. Amira’s staff wear black and yellow (in a mockery of the white and yellow worn by the rest of the del Mauros).

Locations in Rose Falls

Foreman’s Office: The Mining Guild HQ is situated in the old Foreman’s Office, the first building to be built in Rose Falls and still the largest, sprawling over three floors. The building contains offices and plush apartments used by the mining company executives based in Rose Falls along with a mess hall for miners to relax after a hard day at the face (although most in fact drink at the saloon (see below).

The Blockhouse: The Blockhouse is the name given to the structure which combines Sheriff Tobias Blake‘s office, the town gaol and the town hall. Tobias Blake was made Sheriff in 2530 to fill the position left by the death of the previous Sheriff who was killed by a marauding band of Orcs. The Iron Fists hoped that Blake’s proven track record of being a no-nonsense, hard judge would help to tame the troubles there, which it did. Blake’s reputation alone is enough to deter most criminals without him having to even draw his revolver, Clementine.

Tax Office: Another reminder of the Capitavirate’s rule in Salamon is the presence of these offices throughout the small towns and villages of the land. Rodryn Shaelyr, is the Dashan in charge of collection Rose Falls’ due to the government coffers. Rodryn is (understandably) not particularly liked by many people but since the arrival of the new government under Taiyend d’Tremmellin, his job has been made a lot easier as taxes have been reduced for the common folk and his genuine personality have kept him from any real harm. Part of Rodryn’s job involves travelling to the outlying farms and ranches surrounding Rose Falls proper, and this is where the danger truly lies.

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Rose Falls

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