Area: 141,653,000 sq miles

38,860,000 (humanoid)
2,120,000 (non-humanoid/monstrous)

Ealdim – Humanoid – Central
Valonia – Humanoid – North/Coastal
Alhan – Humanoid – Central
Kepik – Humanoid – Western/Coastal
Tsagara – Humanoid – Western
Urnst – Humanoid – North Western/Coastal

Languages; (by population percentage as first language)
Ealdim, Kepik
(Note; other languages are spoken by only negliable percentage, >1%)

Rosaia is in Orithia’s Southern continent.
Rosaia’s extreme South is Arctic and so the temperature never reaches above 10*C in even the warmest months, despite this it is home to large numbers of monstrous inhabitants. Much of Rosaia is temperate woodlands but has been cultivated for over a millenia resulting the vast swathes of the continent being used for agriculture. As one would expect the Northern shore is the warmest (approx 25-30*C in warmest months). However, during the summer the Northern coast is regularly struck by hurricances (or typhoons in Kepik). Rosaia has few mountains, with only a handful of isolated, extinct volcano’s on the Western coast and a small range on the South East coast (linking Tir and Rosaia geographically if not physically). The relativly stable and comfertable weather and geography has allowed Rosaia’s population to grow far more than either of Orithia’s other continents.

Brief History
Rosaia is arguably the birth place of human civilisation on Orithia, Valonia (the largest nation until its destruction) was Orithia’s undisputed pre-eminent nation for nearly 800 years, spreading human culture and ideals to Tir and across the seas to Dashar. Every modern human nation can track it’s roots back to Rosaia and either Valonia or Kepik as its cultural heritage. Despite wars, unheaval and magical calamities Rosaian nations and culture have played a significant role in shaping Orithia’s history.


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