The Liel are a race of Humans native to Salamon and Darkfell. Many hundreds of years ago the Darkfell natives split between The Northern Tribes who went north to make The Northlands thier home and the Liel who headed south to live on what is now known as the Plain of Salamon.

Physical Description
Liel are humans, they generally have dark hair and eyes and deeply tanned skin, this is a generalisation and exceptions do occur.

The Liel are a largely nomadic people, split into tribes and living in harmony with thier lands. While the Liel do boast warriors who deal with wandering monsters and rival tribes of monstrous humanoids they are a generally peaceful people and have no army. This fact has been ruthlessly exploited by the Capitavirate settlers over their history and the Liel have had to endure a series of humiliating defeats and generally poor treatment. This created a vicious hatred amoung the younger Liel for Salamonis and it’s people, even if, recently, the city has been starting to treat the native Liel more equally. The Liel see themselves as gatekeepers and wardens of Darkfell and know the lands better than any others. They use this knowledge to safeguard dangerous regions and guide strangers, although the Salamons rarely listen to this advice at thier own peril.

The Liel have little contact with outsiders and so thier relationships with other races and cultures are generally strained at best.
They regard the Northern Tribesmen as long lost brothers who have followed a different route and will only extend to them basic courtesy’s.
The Salamon’s and other settlers in the region they regard as dangerous, not only to the Liel but also to themselves. They see them as an aggressive and selfish people who do not respect nature’s power or strength. Most Liel will simply distrust and hinder non-Liel humanoids, but younger or more embittered Liel will attack on sight.

Alignment and Religion
Liel are generally neutral, believing in the balance of nature. They practice a mix of totem and nature worship. As a rule the Liel try to live in harmony with those around them, especially the natural world, although they will destroy those they view as abominations, such as abberations and the undead. Shamans are highly regarded in Liel society, not only for thier magical power but as repositories of the tribe’s knowledge and culture.

Liel adventurers are rare, few Liel would choose to leave thier tribe, especially to travel among outsiders. However, exile is a common punishment for a Liel tribesman who repeatedly breaks the tribes rulings and a solitary Liel has few friends on the plains. Occasionally, warriors or shamans will travel alone to learn a wider picture of the world they live in and adventuring parties are generally the only place they can be accepted.
Liel adventurers are almost always rangers or druids, arcane casters are very rare (although a budding sorceror could find himself exiled if his powers grew beyond his control). Fighters, paladins and clerics are also not common. Liel are occasionally barbarians, rogues or bards each taking up a different mantle within the tribe.

Liel Traits
+2 to One Ability Score: Liel characters get a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

Medium: Liel are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Humans: Liel count as Humans for any effect related to race

Normal Speed: Liel have a base speed of 30 feet.

Destined: Liel are raised to follow their destiny from birth. They are given a cryptic verse by their tribe’s shaman which relates to their place in the world and the future. A Liel constantly strives to understand the meaning of this verse and therefore their place in the world. A Liel can choose one of the following abilities on creation to represent his cryptic verse. Once chosen this cannot be changed:

“pursue the mystic arts”- choose a 1st level Cleric or Druid spell, the Liel may cast this spell as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to his wisdom modifier (any DC equals 1/2 total HD plus Wis modifier. Caster level equals total HD)

“see the four corners”- base land speed increases by 10 feet, gain ‘Woodland Stride’ ability as a Druid

“become one with nature”- gain ‘Wild Empathy’ ability as Druid (Druid level for purposes of this ability is equal to number of Druid levels+number of qualifying Ranger levels+1/2 other levels)

“master the martial arts”- gain ‘Improved Unarmed Strike’ and ‘Weapon Focus: Shortspear’ as bonus feats

“become one with the bow”- gain ‘Zen Archery’ and ‘Weapon Focus: Shortbow’ as bonus feats

Nature’s Bounty: Liel are taught to respect nature and all its creatures. Liel live off the land and only take what they need to survive. Liel gain a +2 racial bonus to Knowledge: Nature, Ride and Survival checks and always treat these skills as class skills.

Languages: Liel begin play speaking Liel. Characters with high Intelligence scores can choose the following bonus Languages: Dwarven, Ealdine, Orc, Shannar, Talairen or Tirianno


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