Here is a quick rundown of the most common languages which influence Salamon culture:

Tirianno(think: Italian) is the main language of Kondar (Capitavirate homeland) and the rest of the continent of Tir.  It is also the main language of Salamon and is commonly  learned by Merchants who deal with these countries.

Eáldine (think:French) is the main language of Valonia, Eáldîm and Alhan. Until recently these countries were the most powerful in Orithia so Eáldine remains today as a universal trade tongue and is the second most common language spoken in Salamon. It is spoken in Tor Acarne also.

Shannar (think Russian) which is spoken in Dashar and The Borderlands (both nations provided populace for Salamonis as it was founded
Fjolnorsk, the language of The Northern Tribes
Elven (spoken in Dashar as well as scattered elven enclaves),
Dwarven (spoken in Dun-e-Dor, Khostinak and Menephene),
Talairen (think: Eqyptian/arabic) the main language of Menephene
Liel (think: native American meets Mexican-Spanish) the native language of the Liel tribes in the area.

Languages are sometimes expressed on a character sheet or stat block with parentheses after them denoting the accent with which that particular character speaks. Whenever a language is learned, the DM may decide that the character pronounces his words with a certain twang (usually related to the region he is from, his race or the accent of his teacher). For example a language may be written as:

Tirianno (Salamon)

Which would indicate that the character speaks Tirianno with a Salamon accent and therefore would sound different to someone with:

Tirianno (Kondar City Sprawl)

Some languages may not have accents, and some characters may have a region-free accent. A character with ranks in the linguisitcs
skill can attempt to speak without their accent, or with an entirely different accent.

This is but a short treatise on languages which I wrote on my iPhone, I will write a more comprehensive list at some point detailing other languages of Orithia.


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