Khostinak is a nation comprised of a half dozen large dwarven holds and is widely believed to be the birthplace of the dwarven race in Orithia.

Khostinak engineer

The Khostinak nation actually straddles the two continents of Rosaia and Tir with holds in the mountains on Rosaia’s East coast and Tir’s West coast. Fierce volcanic activity in the distant past has pushed up a mighty mountain range from the Narrow Sea between these two continents in which the dwarves now dwell. These mountains, surrounded by water, are in constant danger of collapsing back into the sea and it is only through the engineering work and potent geomancy of the Khostinak dwarves that they still stand.

Khostinak forges

Further testament to the dwarves skill with rock and stone are the massive causeways which link each mountain to it’s neighbour, wide enough for two score dwarves to march side by side. By crossing each causeway it is possible to march an army across the Narrow Sea as Kondar did during it’s invasion on Valonia in 2438.

Khostinak is a staunch ally of Kondar and the Capitavirate who are their strongest military and trading partners. Khostinak dwarves serve with distinction in Kondar‘s legions and they produce much of the weaponry used in the Capitavirate’s many wars. Khostinak has a general dislike of the Rosaian nations to their West due to a disasterous first contact made with envoys from Alhan in the 15th century. They see Rosaian nations are too romantic and based on principles unbecoming a modern nation. Prior to it’s fall the dwarves were especially wary of Valonia whose reliance on magic they dissapproved of.

Khostinak has always been at the forefront of technological advancement, being the first nation to develop firearm weaponry. The Capitavirate has greatly benefited from its alliance with Khostinak by gaining access to these powerful weapons as well as clockwork technology, allowing construction of tireless soldiers or workers.
Khostinak clockwork guardian


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