Item Codes

I will list here codes for each item which has been found and identified by the party along with the items’ notes and applicable abilites. I will also post non-magical items such as plot items or items with complicated descriptions.
Items of my own invention, or those which are particularly important will also be given a seperate entry on the Items tab

(1) number indicates number of charges remaining
1 or [1st] indicate caster/manifester level

Physical Props

    PROP 1- Note which reads "This was acquired at great expense. Do whatever it takes for that idiot to comply. F " It was found in Big Joe’s apartment wrapped around a small vial of white powder.
    PROP 2- Scrumpled note dated ‘Trickday 27th Waters 2534’, which reads “Mr Osbourne. Thank you for choosing Mistle & Co. Security. Your safe is now installed and the combination is: 28-05-42-96-33 You should memorise this number then dispose of this note. Many thanks, Preston Hatherall, accounts manager” The note is signed by Preston Hatherall. It was found in Phaerlan Osbourne’s appartment.
    PROP 3- A note delivered via animal messenger which reads: “My friends, I apologise for having to contact you in this way but it is not safe for me to leave my home. I have information about Rynn and Phaerlan. Please visit me at my home. Jorun knows where it is. Dol”
    PROP 4- A page from the journal of High Magus Gwendolyn Mathusa (now deceased). It reads: “Moonday, 3rd Sun’s Rise, 2534
    Final Entry
    If you are reading this then I am dead. I received a vision from The Stern Lady two nights ago that my time on Orithia had come to an end.
    My fate is linked to that old amulet just as I knew it was when Dol brought it to me that fateful night all those years ago. It is a shame that he didn’t stay along with it.
    As I promised I safeguarded the artefact here in this temple of love and death for I felt the importance of it and the great evil which could be done with it should it fall into the wrong hands.
    However I kept the amulet as a duelling dagger, hidden from sight whilst wearing its twin as a piece of jewellery on show. A thief will take the jewellery and run, oblivious to its true worth until much later while the dagger remains hidden, ready to be used.
    Thieves have come before for the amulet, once they actually succeeded in stealing the amulet from the temple. Our hired adventurers found them cowering in an old dungeon. Once the thieves were dealt with, High Magus Shaldron took me to the dungeon and had me turn it into a secret crypt where the amulet would be hidden. Meanwhile he created a worthless duplicate which would be locked in the Temple.
    Only our voices could be used to bypass the safeguards in the crypt. Should the Temple be compromised and the location of the crypt divined, thieves would have to make us speak the command words to reach the amulet safely. Something that the two of us swore to the Ruby Sorceress that we would never do.
    As per the instructions laid down in the Ruby Tome, I name the following as successors:
    High Magus- Boran Takor
    Relefactor- Xanaphia Xiloscient
    I leave the running of this Temple in capable hands. Xanaphia, below this desk is my grimoire. Boran, the key to the nave is yours.
    Honor the Dead
    Gwendolyn Mathusa”
    PROP 5- Scrawled note written in Giant by a delicate hand which reads “Marleth, This skull is linked to my own scrying piece. We can contact each other safely that way. Maintain your presence in Eastgate and lie-low. Await word from myself or The Spider on when to begin”. It was found in the Red Throat Den in Marleth’s room (master bedroom) in Eastgate.

GN- Items found on Gnoll Raiders in Salamon

    GN1: Poison Vial

RT- Items found within the Goblin den in Eastgate, Salamonis

RT6: Items found in room 6 (living area)

    Carved statuette of Pelor
    3 Bloodstones
    Scrap of banner displaying a yellow crane on orange background

RT13: Items found within the Red Throat Den, room 13 (treasure room)

    RT13a: Scroll of summon monster 2 [3rd](2)
    RT13b: Scroll of eagle’s splendour [3rd](1)
    RT13c: Scroll of hypnotism [1st](2)
    RT13d: Scroll of chill touch [1st](1)
    RT13e: Scroll of detect snares and pits [1st](2)
    RT13f: Divine Scroll of hide from undead [1st](1)
    RT13a:honeyed tongue [3rd]
    RT13b:stone fist [1st]
    RT13c:touch of the sea [1st]

RT14: Items found within the Red Throat Den, room 14 (Marleth’s room)

    RT14a- unknown psionic gel
    RT14b- unknown psionic serum
    RT14c- unknown blood-like liquid
    Crawling Tattoo with the following powers: biofeedback [1st](1), far hand [1st] 1/day and dissipating touch [3rd]augmented to 2d6(1)
    Babau skull with two flawed emeralds for eyes)

RT15: Red Throat Goblin Alchemist.

    RT15a: MSW Dogslicer
    RT15b: +1(psionic) rat-bone Ring of protection
    RT15d: vial of alchemical solvent (APG)
    RT15e: alkali flask (APG)
    RT15f: alkali flask (APG)
    RT15g: potion of bomber’s eye(APG)[5th]
    RT15h: potion of spider climb[5th]
    RT15i: potion of grease(psionic)[5th]
    RT15j: potion of shocking grasp[1st]
    RT15k: potion of owl’s wisdom[3rd]
    RT15l:MSW small chain shirt
    RT15m: Formulae Book (written in Giant)

RT20: Marleth the Blue

CDN- Cirque Du Nord

CG- Items found on Chain Gang members

    CG1: Cloak
    CG2: Rod
    CG3: scroll
    CG4: scroll
    CG5: scroll
    CG6: scroll
    CG7: potion
    CG8: potion
    CG9: Empty vial
    CG10: Necklace
    CG11: Ruby
    CG12: Spiked Chain
    CG13: Flail
    CG14: Wand
    CG15: Scroll
    CG16: Scroll
    CG17:golden lock-box carved with chain motifs

AN- Anderhoff Slaughterhouse

    AN2: MSW Handaxe
    AN3: Master key to Slaughterhouse
    AN4: MSW Rapier (kondaran style)
    AN5: Lesser Metamagic rod of Silence
    AN6: Scroll of expeditious retreat (1)[7th]
    AN7: Scroll of obscuring mist (1)[7th]
    AN8: Scroll of see invisibility (1)[10th]
    AN9: Scroll of black tentacles (1)[7th]
    AN10: Cloak of resistance +1
    AN11: Headband of intellect +2
    AN12: Jos Anderhoff’s Spellbook
    AN13: Skin Mask (see Pathfinder #2)
    AN14: Book of the Dead (Vecna holy tome, written in Shannaran)

The Spider

    Spider1: Bracers of Armour +2
    Spider2: Pure Sapphire ring of protection +1 (market value: ~3000gp)
    Spider4: The Spider’s Assassin Dagger
    Spider5: Compact MSW Composite3 Shortbow
    Spider7: Vial of Large Scorpion Venom
    Spider8: Vial of Blue Whinnis poison
    Spider12: Potion of pass without trace
    Spider13: Potion of invisibility
    Spider14: Scroll of animal messenger (1)[5th]
    Spider15: Scroll of speak with animals (2)[5th]
    Spider16: Scroll of true strike (1)[1st]
    Spider17: Scroll of locate object (1)[3rd]
    Spider18: Scroll of scare (5)[5th]

BCK- Items found on Blackscale Lizardfolk near Lake Town

GLR- Items found in the ancient ruins of Gloomwood

Item Codes

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