Griffons Revenge

Repuation: 7 (+3)

Current Activity

Current Active Members:

  • Alhena Castor

  • Carlos Castillo

  • Dashel Cor’marak

  • Mikhail Borisson

  • Rosilee Runetongue

Current Location:

  • Salamonis

Current Mission:

Founding Members

The Griffons’ Revenge are an adventuring group based out of the Golden Circuit in Salamonis. The group was originally formed in order to more effectively pursue the investigation of Murder case of Rynn Werrock at the behest of their first patron, Jorun Werrock. These inital members were:

Blum Hamfist
Dashel Cor’marak
Folkvar Asgierr
Mikhail Borisson

Other members

Alhena Castor
Carlos Castillo
Rosilee Runetongue

Associates, cohorts and non-members

Mordreth Silverflame

Group Contacts

Members of the Griffons’ Revenge can make use of the following friends, allies and contacts which the group have accrued over time. Each group member may have more personal contacts which might also be accessed via other members of the group.
Aermund Gunnarsen
Dolrick ‘Dol’ Harrisson
Xanaphia Xiloscient
Gabriel Scott
Tau Sutekh
Morgann Veldyncross
Chaplain Scabbia
Dr Ozymandyas Lavergne
Father Donato
Dimitria Runetongue
Jorun Werrock

Completed Contracts

Proved Jorun’s innocence
Solved the murders of Phaerlan Osbourne and Rynn Werrock
Stopped the Inevitables marauding the farms near Apple Hill
Defeated the Black Dragon Aragatharos in order to bring security to Southern Salamon.

Other Accomplishments

Defeated the assassins masquerading in the Cirque Du North
Defeated The Spider
Defeated Marleth and the Red Throat Goblins
Claimed a Talisman of the Sphere
Rescued slaves held captive by the Chain Gang in the docks
Rescued Lake Town from the vicious Lizardfolk led by Xengi
Defeated the mighty Black Dragon, Aragatharos and freed the Bluescale tribe held captive by her
Stewards of Castle Pechwe in Greenwood Vale

Griffons Revenge

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