Dashans are a race of humanoids hailing from the nation of Dashar. The term ‘Dashan’ should not be confused with the term ‘Dasharan’ which is used to describe a person from Dashar (of any race).

Dashans resemble humans at first glance except that their grey skin which ranges from a light steel colour to dark slate. Some parts of Dashar yield Dashans with earthy grey skin and still others with skin almost like obsidian. All Dashans however have pointed ears akin to half-elves and jet black hair. Where Dashan skin and hair is often described as dull by other races, their eyes more than make up for the lacklustre hues. Dashan eyes can be any colour, from the traditional browns and blues to more exotic yellows and purples. White, black, red, green and even golden eyes are also fairly common shades. Dashans are generally tall, around 6’ for the average male with females a bit shorter (5’9" average).

Generally Dashans are a dour people, leaning more towards lawfulness with a focus on caution in the present for future security. However, there are exceptions to this rule and some of Orithia’s famous bardic troups have featured Dashans. In particular, those Dashans living in Salamonis, having been exposed to such a wide variety of cultures and races show considerable variety, mastering many different skills and professions.

A Dashan character, despite the cosmetic differences, is treated as a human in every regard. Although his background will greatly influence his character and roleplaying he uses the same racial traits as a human character would.


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