Area: 98,345,000 sq miles

2,132,000 (humanoids)
3,709,000 (non-humanoid/reptilian)
1,101,000 (non-humanoid/monstrous)

Salamonis – Humanoid – North Western/Coastal
Dun-e-Dor – Humanoid/Dwarven – North Western/Coastal
Talairen Empire – Humanoid – Central/Subterrainean
Lesshta – Non-humanoid/reptilian – Southern/Coastal
Karnok – Non-humanoid/reptilian – Southern/Coastal
Northland Tribes – Humanoid – Northern
Liel Tribes – Humanoid – Central

Port Blacksand – Humanoid – North Western/Coastal – Independent city
Tor-Acarne – Humanoid – North Eastern/Coastal – Dependent city (Kondar)

Languages; (by population percentage as first language)
Tirianno, Draconic, Dwarven, Liel, Fjolnorsk,

Darkfell lies in Orithia’s Northern Hemisphere and has a great diversity of ecosystems.
The extreme north is classed as Arctic and so the temperature never rises above 10*C, even in the warmest months. Further south is tundra and praires, it is here that the majority of Darkfell’s humanoids live. A mountain range running from North to South along the centre of the continent seperates the West and East coasts. Warm, maritime winds from the South East means Darkfell’s Western coast is generally 5-10*C warmer than the Eastern Coast. Islands and more mountains to the South also catch most of the moisture from this maritime air and so North West Darkfell is generally warmer than the East and drier than the South. Just North of the Southern mountain ranges running from West to East (seperating North and South Darkfell) lies an area of desert. Southern Darkfell is covered by tropical jungle, warmed and watered by the regular SE winds, these jungles are almost exclusivly home to reptilian populations.

Darkfell has far more volcanic actvity than either Tir or Rosaia, resulting in it being significantly more mountainous. The regular deposits of mineral rich ash have also made Darkfell’s soil fertile and well suited for crops and vegetation. Volcanic activity has resulted in large, accessable deposits of ores, gems and stone to naturally occur.

Brief History
Darkfell’s indigenous natives are the Liel and Northland Tribes in the Northern part of the continent and the reptilian nations of Lesshta and Karnok to the South. These native people’s seperated by mountains and desert.
The Dwarven nation of Dun-e-Dor has an unclear history and it is not certain if the dwarves are classed as natives to Darkfell of if they are a later colony. The certainly have more in common with Darkfell’s later arrivals and so most academics put Dun-e-Dor as a settled nation rather than indigenous.
The Talairen people found themselves stranded on Darkfell following a catastrophe on their home plane and have only recently (last 2 decades) started interacting with the other inhabitants of the continent.
The other nations and cities are the result of colonisation and migration, largely from Kondar, hence the large propotion of Tirianno speakers on this continent.


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