Salamonis Chronicles

The story begins..

Today is Saintsday 1st Sun’s Rise. Today marks the beginning of a weeklong celebration in Salamon, culminating a week tomorrow with Freedom Day.

Session One
Murders most foul..

Saintsday, 1st Sun’s Rise and Sun Day, 2nd Sun’s Rise, yr 2534

  • Summary: The first adventure, Griffon’s Revenge is formed!, murder investigations, chasing Bones across the Market, Big Joe attacks in the alley, Jorun is a Red Knife.
Session Two

Moonday, 3rd Sun’s Rise, yr2534

  • Summary: Carlos joins, rescue Hana Tallmast, clear the construction site, recover cargo from the Flame of Nurieth, parlay with Liel, assault on the Harrison manor.
Session Three

Trueday, 4th Sun’s Rise, yr2534

  • Summary:Investigate Goblin lair at Pontefract Square, Mikhail is mind-controlled,The Spider strikes again at the Temple of Olidammara and the Temple of Wee Jas in Apple Hill, the hunt for High Magus Sheldron, crossing the savannah to Rose Falls, return to Salamonis passing a battalion of troops, attacked by dancers from Cirque du Nord.
Session Four

Trickday, 6th Sun’s Rise, yr 2534

  • Summary: Battle Goblins and evade security at Pontefract Square, field trip with “Sophie Duplâit”, Cirque du Nord, track down Marleth to the sewers, Mikhail is captured..
Online Solo One

Fairday, 7th Sun’s Rise, yr 2534

Waking up to captivity Mikhail finally comes face to face with The Spider‘s multiple personalities. Mikhail is massaged and charmed by ’Nikolai’ then horrifically tortured by ‘Granir’ before being defended by ‘The Spider’. Unsure of which is the true face (if any) of his captor, Mikhail succumbs to poison and loses conciousness…

Will the Griffons Revenge find him before it is too late? Or is Mikhail destined to become yet another facet to The Spider’s splintered personality..?

Session Five

Fairday, 7th Sun’s Rise, yr 2534 (continued)

  • Summary: Finish off Red Throat Goblins, Salamonis parade, bargain with Arraghog the Dragon, race against time to save Mikhail, battle on the Mountain Express train.
Down Time One
PCs get a week off from the hectic life of adventuring..

Downtime info has been consolidated to this page to save space.

Session Six

Trickday 13th Sun’s Rise yr2534

  • Summary:Funeral Procession, interview with the City Herald, Apple Hill inevitables, Talisman decisions with the Trumpet Archon, masquerade ball, battle with zombies and vampire in Golden Circuit.
Session Seven

Sun Day 16th Sun’s Rise yr2534

  • Summary:Investigation on the docks, bar brawl, sneak into the Scarlet Smile, Kyton battle, Raven, barn raising, travel to Lake Town, defeat Lizardfolk, Blum and Folkvar are killed in battle

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