Necromancer's Arsenal

Black cloth with small sewn-on pictures of skeletons, zombies, swords, shields and axes


Counts as a Robe of Bones (Pathfinder RPG pg 527) except that the creatures are summoned as the Summon Undead spell (Spell Compendium pg 215) and are therefore under the caster’s command. The CL is 10th so the undead last for 10 rounds before disappearing. Each patch creates the effect of the Summon Undead II spell (so is a 2nd level spell and can be dispelled).

The robe also bears ten weapon patches which can be used to instantly call any simple or martial weapon to the wearer’s hand. The patches are removed exactly as the undead patches are and disappear once used. The weapon patches are the equivalent of a 1st level conjuration spell (CL 10th) and can be dispelled. The weapons last for 10 rounds before disappearing even if the wielder drops or throws it.

The item is not evil, and instead generates an aura of Conjuration (summoning) Price: 2500gp


Created by Cydrad Moonfire at the Moonfire Magicarnum (Dead Quarter, Salamonis) these robes are made as a touristy-gimmick to represent the Dead Quarter’s culture. They also happen to make a handy additon to a spellcaster’s armory.

Necromancer's Arsenal

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