Herbal Healer

A fruity, herbal draught that soothes wounds and speeds up natural healing processes


This non-magical draught is created by mixing herbs, fruits and other natural ingredients in a particular alchemical recipe which speeds up natural healing processes so that the body heals itself.

When consumed, the draught gives the imbiber fast healing 1 for 1d6-1 rounds.

This can result in 0 rounds, in which the draught is wasted and has no effect.

The draught has no effect on constructs, undead, creatures with fast healing already or anything which is immune to sneak attacks, poison or otherwise has an unnatural physiology (DM’s discretion).

The healing does not count as magical and so does not stop bleed effects or anything similar, nor does it cause a dying character to stabilize or regain conciousness.

market price: 16gp, cost to craft: 8gp, craft: alchemy DC 16
cost of materials can be reduced by foraging (survival check can reduce cost price to 3gp)


Reportedly invented by the Gnomes at Gnose Ticklers, Salamonis, this recipe has spread all over Orithia and is very popular amongst Druidic and other Rural communities. It is a popular subsitute to potions of cure light wounds due to the ease of crafting and the lack of magic required.

Herbal Healers can be made from many different ingredients including flowers, nuts, herbs, plants and fungi as long as they are fermented by a skilled Alchemist.

Rumour has it that somewhere in the mountains, Liel tribes have perfected variations on the Herbal Healer theme, using animal blood and minerals from the rock to create different effects within the body.

Herbal Healer

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