Crystal Harmonizer

This small crystal is grasped in the user's hand while a metal ring slips over a finger. The two are attached by a thin metal filament. When used the ring changes temperature while the crystal glows.


Crystal Harmonizers (also called psionic modulators) are potent tools in the Psion’s arsenal. Each crystal is attuned to a particular power and allows the user to manifest that power, using his own power point reserve. The power takes effect at the wielder’s own ML and abilities to set DC and power effects.

If the wielder is not psionic or does not have enough power points to fuel the power, it is not usable.

The Crystal Harmonizer can be used once per day by a wielder who has no ML but has enough PP to fuel the power (ie from natural psionic ability or feats). In this case the wielder uses its Int, Wis or Cha (whichever is highest) as the key ability and half his HD as the ML. When activated in this way the Crystal Harmonizer deals damage to the user’s key ability (the one used in powering the power) equal to twice the power’s level. The Crystal Harmonizer can only be used this way once per day regardless of how many creatures use it and cannot be used this way by a character with an actual ML.


Crystal Harmonizer

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