Wicked barbs, spikes and protrusions cover the razor-edged blades of this weapon promising nasty wounds which won't heal easily.


‘barbed’ is not so much a material as a weapon property. It can be applied to any slashing or piercing weapon (including armour spikes) or any weapon made primarily of chain or flexible material (such as whips, flails and spiked chains).

A barbed weapon causes 1 bleed damage on a successful critical hit. This does not stack with other effects which cause bleed such as the Bleeding Critical feat or certain rogue talents etc.

In addition when poison is applied to a barbed weapon the DC is increased by 1 as the vicious barbs carry the venom directly into the victim’s bloodstream. However when the poisoner is applying the toxins he risks poisoning himself on a roll of 1 or 2 (rather than just 1).

Cost: +500gp
Craft DC 20



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