Sheriff Tobias Blake

Ex-Salamonis Town Guard, Sheriff of Rose Falls


Male Human (Salamon) Fighter. Level: ? Alignment: ?


Tobias Blake is a no-nonsense, hard-faced man who takes his job seriously. He made a good career (and a lot of enemies) during his time as a town guard in Salamonis, and more recently as deputy sheriff of New Scenzan. When the previous Sheriff of Rose Falls was killed four years ago by a marauding band of Orcs, Tobias was rushed to fill the position.

He is close to retirement and intends to survive the next few years so that he can move back to Salamonis and his family manor to enjoy his final years.

Blake is renowned for being an expert shot with a pistol, and his trusty cougar-pattern revolver called ‘Clementine’ never leaves his side.

Sheriff Tobias Blake

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