The Spider

A pasty Doppelganger with a bulbous head and hideous distended jaw. His long spindly arms are covered with horrific self-harm scars and burns. He was rarely caught in his natural form however, preferring to operate under one of many alternate 'personas'


Doppelganger Assassin 4


The Spider was the murderer of Phaerlan Osbourne, Rynn Werrock and Alyssa Tallfoot. He also killed many other people in his long murderous career as an Assassin including Dashel Cor’marak.

The Spider was a disturbed individual with a serious multiple personality disorder and obsessive mania. He often spontaneously developed attractions towards people of all races and genders and would then proceed to stalk them before kidnapping them. At his lair in the Anderhoff Slaughterhouse in the Market district of Salamonis he would subject the captive to torture and rape before assuming their form as one of his many personalities. Unable to distinguish his true mentality, he grew more and more insane with each victim he added to his psyhce.

The Spider was responsible for stealing the Talisman of the Sphere from Apple Hill and in the process he killed Rynn, Phaerlan and Alyssa (who did not apparently give him any information). During the recovery and hunting of the Talisman, The Spider displayed a single-minded and determined approach to completing his mission but seemed to have no interest in the Talisman other than selling it for monetary gain.

Who is/was controlling The Spider? Who wanted the Talisman? Where did The Spider come from and what started his manic killing spree? These questions are all shrouded in mystery still, but at least the city is safe from this compulsive killer as on 7th Sun’s Rise, 2534 the adventuring company Griffons Revenge boarded The Mountain Express train where The Spider was attempting to make his escape with The Talisman as well as Mikhail Borisson, one of their companions. In a daring battle on board the train in which one of the Griffons Dashel Cor’marak was slain, The Spider was eventually defeated and killed.

Among The Spider’s multiple personalities were:
Baptiste Lejeune
Sheriff Greg Boldred
Granir Ironbellow
an unknown clerk at the Palace, working for the office of foreign affairs

The Spider

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