Chaplain Scabbia

A strong looking man with a bald head and wise green eyes which are at odds with his otherwise youthful expression. He wears the robes of 'Chaplain' of Kord and carries a powerful maul


Male Human (Salamon) Cleric (Kord) 5

4019Maul + 9, 1d10 + 9, x3+9+5+10
20 feet+1S: 18 D: 13 Co: 14 I: 12 W: 17 Ch: 15+718--

Crossbow: + 5, 1d8, 19-20/x2, 80 ft.

Combat Options: Channel (5/day, 30ft, 3d6, DC 14), Protection Domain (6/day, -2 to saves for 1 round, touched creature gains +2 to saves for 1 round), War Domain (6/day, touched creature gains +2 to attack rolls for 1 round), Powerful Charge +1d8, Cleric Spells (see below).

Spells Prepared (DC 13+level, CL 5th)
Orisons- stabilize, detect poison, mending, virtue
1st level- bless (2), deathwatch, divine favour, sanctuary
2nd level- lesser restoration (2), enthrall, spiritual weapon
3rd level- wind wall (2), protection from energy

Skills: Diplomacy + 10, Heal + 11, Knowledge (religion) + 9, Perception + 8, Profession (chaplain) + 9, Sense Motive + 13, Spellcraft + 6

Equipment: Breastplate (salamon 1st), Amulet of natural armour + 2, ring of protection + 1, + 1 Maul, silver symbol of Kord, Healer’s kit + 2, potions of cure light wounds (10)5, potions of cure moderate wounds (10)5, wand of stabilize (40)5, scroll of magic circle vs. evil (5)5, scroll of mass bear’s endurance (1)13, light crossbow, 10 bolts, satchel, robes of office


Chaplain-Sergeant Antonio Scabbia is a member of the faith of Kord, the god of battle and courage within the Great Wheel. He currently helps to run the Church of the Wheel in l Lake Town. Being a member of the clergy of Kord, he carries the brevet rank of Sergeant within the Salamon military.

Chaplain Scabbia

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