Rustlin Triggergrin

A fiery haired gnome with well curled moustache and matching goatee. Never seen without his one of a kind (and self named) 'Longneck Stringking'. Generally a dour and impatient individual save when he's on stage, where he can set himself free.


Gnomish expert specialized in living free and having an easy time of it.


Something of a blacksheep among gnomes, Rustin never felt the wanderlust so common amongst his people and has subsequently been happy to live in Salamonis his entire life. Almost all of which has been spent in the Golden Circuit district. Picking up an love and talent for music from his family, it seemed written in stone that he would rise to be a game changing figure on the Salamonis music scene.

And he would have been, had it not been for his family’s poverty holding him back from enrolling in cities’ bardic colleges. Resentment settled in his heart and even when the new governor was voted in he did not pursue a grant or scholarship, having already developed a strong independant streak along with his own music talents.

Nowadays he spends almost all of his time among the bars and clubs throughout the Circuit, usually the Dancing Griffon, though he very rarely drinks alcohol. Mostly he can be seen sitting in a corner staring intensely at the table in front of him and plucking at seemingly random strings. And failing that he’s most often found talking to several friends and fellow regulars or sitting around a worn square table out behind the Griffon losing badly at cards.

Rustlin is a friend of Blum’s, who with which he regulalary plays cards.

Rustlin Triggergrin

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