Morgann Veldyncross


Morgann Veldyncross
Male Human (Kondar) Mercenary Captain 6
CN Medium Humanoid (human)

5017+ 1Battleaxe + 8/+ 3, 1d8 + 4, x3+8+6+3
30 feet+2S: 16 D: 14 Co: 15 I: 14 W: 12 Ch: 14+921--

Crossbow: Balestro di Capitano + 8/+ 3, 1d8+1d6acid+2, 19-20/x2, 85 ft.

Combat Options: Bravery + 1, Armour training 1, Favoured Terrain (+2 Know: geog, perception, survival and stealth in plains, hills and mountains), Command (7/day, std action, no AoO, one of the following abilities per usage):

  • Concentrate Fire!: Morgan designates a target and all allies within 60feet of Morgann gain +2 attack and damage against that target for 1 minute or until their next ranged attack, whichever comes first.

  • Shield Wall: All allies within 60 feet gain + 1 to their Shield bonus to AC if they are wielding a shield and do not move during their turn. This bonus applies for 1 minute or until the ally moves, whichever comes first.
  • Skills: Profession: Mercenary + 7, Survival + 7, Ride + 8, Intimidate + 8, Diplomacy + 8, Heal + 7, Stealth + 8 (+ 11 to track), Perception + 7, Knowledge: Geography + 8, Knowledge: Nature + 8
    Languages: Tirianno, Ealdine, Shanarran

    Equipment: +1 Battleaxe, Balestro di Capitano, 20 bolts, 20 silver bolts, 10 cold iron bolts, 10 barbed bolts, MSW throwing axe, Dagger

    +1 Reinforced leather armour (Salamon 1st), MSW Light quickdraw steel shield, Oiled camouflage cloak, Stout explorer’s outfit

    Backpack, 5 day’s rations, Waterskin, Bedroll, Fishing net, compact rod and hooks, Simple snare set, Map case, Maps of Salamon, 10 sheets parchment, MSW charcoal pencil, 50 foot silk rope plus grappling hook, Bandoleer with multiple pockets, multiple belt pouches, 2 torches, 3 sacks, Veldyncross family signet ring, signal whistle, whetstone


    In combat, Morgann wields the Balestro di Capitano, an artefact originating in the Kondaran military. Morgann leads his men from the battlefield and excels at ranged combat- preferring to lead a unit of armoured archers or crossbowmen. He is well-versed in melee combat too and is skilled at leading units of cavalry, particularly fast units armed with ranged weapons to harry the enemy’s flank.

    Morgann is currently the sheriff of Lake Town, employed by the Salamon government to keep order in the town and ensure it grows into a hub for the exploitation of resources in the surrounding area of Greenwood Vale.

    Morgann originated from Kondar where he joined the military at a young age, rising to a position of command amongst the Legio XV (15th legion). Why he left the military is still shrouded in mystery, but whatever his reasons the experience and skills he learned there have proved invaluable in his time as mercenary captain for hire ever since, leading many rag-tag bands of heroes to glory and coin.

    Morgann Veldyncross

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