Kalara Everleaf

A slight elf woman catches your eye with a mischievous wink and a hint of a curled smile on her lips. Her hair is long, golden and unkempt yet clean and healthy. Her pale flesh gives way to crimson scales around the edges of her face and tops of her arms.


Female Elf Sorceress (Draconic)


Kalara hails from the far off elven homeland of Quessaith. She came to Salamonis for reasons unknown but soon found use for her considerable natural affinity with magic (particularly spells which include fire or explosions) working for the adventurer’s guild.

Before long she met up with a Human monk named Shen and an Orc warrior named Gus who were in search of a magical ring in the mountains around Salamonis. During their quest they met a druid girl named Miothyn who joined their group and eventually became party leader.

Shen betrayed the group in order to steal the ring they were looking for for himself but was eventually tracked by the party to the Underdark, hiding amongst the Drow he was secretly working for. The group did battle with Shen and the Drow with the aid of Mercutio Drake, an inquisitor who was used to fighting the dark Elves.

Eventually the party formed the White Circle adventuring group and to this day work for the adventurer’f guild in Salamonis.

Recently the White Circle were instrumental in saving Salamonis from attack by Vestrilar the mummy and his undead legions.

Kalara Everleaf

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