Folkvar Asgierr


Folkvar Asgierr
Male Human (Northlander) Berserker 2/Oracle 2
Medium Chaotic Good Humanoid(human)

STR : 18 (+4) Bab:+3 HP :57
DEX: 10 (+0) Fort:+5 AC:16(t:10 ff:14)
CON: 14 (+2) Ref:0 Speed: 40 feet
INT: 8 (-1) Will:+4 Init: +2
WIS: 12 (+1) CMB:+7
CHA: 16 (+3) CMD:17

Melee Attack:
Demondrum Hammer + 9, 1d8 + 1d4sonic + 5, 20/x3
Boar Spear + 7, 1d8 + 6, x2 bracing
Brass Knuckles + 7, 1d3 + 4, x2

Ramged Attack:
Heavy Crossbow + 3, 1d10, 19-20/x2, 120ft
Throwing Axe + 3, 1d6 +4, x3 10ft

Skills(not including check penalties for armour etc)
Climb 1 7]
Survival 4 [
Linguistics 1 1]
Perception 4 [
Intimidate 2 10]
Knowledge (Religion) 3 [
Sense Motive 1 [+5]

Powerful Charge (+1d8 on the charge)
Power Attack (-1 to attack in exchange for +2 damage)
Weapon Focus: Greataxe

Race/Class Abilities
Human Traits
Rage (+4 str and con, +2 will, -2 ac for 6 rounds/day)
Mystery: Battle
Revelation: Weapon Mastery: Greataxe
Curse: Haunted
Rage Powers (moment of clarity)

Traits: Exile: Knowledge (religion) is always a class skill and +1 to checks.
Phoenix: +2 Intimidate and +1 group reputation with anyone familiar with the group. -2 Diplomacy

Languages: Fjolnorsk, Tirianno


Winter Blanket
50ft hemp rope
Flint and Steel
Winter Furs
Holy Symbol: Boreas
Trail Ration (3)
Rynn’s Ring
Salamonis Citizens’ clothes
Brass knuckles
Adventurer’s Guild Script: Griffons’ Revenge


Little is known about Folkvar’s past. He appeared a few months ago unconscious and malnurished in the forests north of Salamonis. Found by a local hunter and nursed back to health over the next few weeks. The time was spent learning Tirianno and recovering his strength. Folkvar talks little about his past, but carries himself with an air of authority and power. He values strength and is slow to anger, but will not stop once someone has made an enemy of Folkvar. He is however very young and inexperienced. He seems to be fleeing from something in his past and is anxious around other northerners.

Folkvar’s contact is Levine Malus, an expert in survival, knowledge: nature and geography etc. He was the local hunter that found Folkvar. Levine is very knowledgable in the happenings of the wilds north of Salamonis.

Folkvar has been spending an increasing large amount of time in The Dancing Griffon inn, arm wrestling for money for drinks and helping Rynn Werrock with evicting unsavoury patrons. He is prone to overdrinking however and regularly bursts into raving in his natural tongue.

Folkvar is a founding member of Griffons’ Revenge

Folkvar is an associate of Aermund Gunnarsen, having hailed from a neighbouring tribe.

Folkvar was killed by on Weatherday 19th Sun’s Rise by Xengi’s Blackscale Lizardfolk who had captured the town of Lake Town. The rest of the party managed to succeed in liberating the town where Folkvar and Blum Hamfist are celebrated as fallen heroes.

After being brought back to life in the scarred, burned husk of his former body, Folkvar was given a final chance to fulfil his destiny by the sacrifice of his father’s soul.

Folkvar was killed again on Moonday 3rd Sunfane yr 2534 by a summoned Arrow Demon at the manor of Mordreth Silverflame in Salamonis. His body was interred to the Cathedral of the Great Wheel but when the party returned later, he has gone. The priests at the Cathedral said that Aermund Gunnarsen had turned up with a priceless heirloom and paid for Folkvar’s ressurection with it. Folkvar or Aermynd haven’t been seen since.

Folkvar Asgierr

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