Dimitria Runetongue

A beautiful dwarf woman, still well within her first century, with long and partially braided strawberry blonde hair. Clothed in the dark and regal robes of the Wee Jas Magus, she bears a welcoming and comforting presence.


Female Dwarven Cleric of Wee Jas


Hailing from a tiny farming community just north of Lake Town, Dimitria left her parents and sisters almost a decade ago to pursue a life that offered more than corn, horses and dust. While she still maintains semi-regular correspondence with them, she misses them dearly. Dimitria is sister to Rosilee Runetongue, member of the adventuring party Griffons Revenge.

Dimitria accompanied Father Donato and the Knights of the Wheel as they escorted a medical team into the plague stricken Golden Circuit district of Salamonis during the plague of Sunfane 2534. The team were rescued from their fate by the Dimitria’s sister and her friends as they were in the area looking for survivors.

Dimitria Runetongue

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