Dashel Cor'marak

Noble heir of the Cor'marak family of Lost Valonia. Psionic Warrior and Disciple of Pelor.


Dashel Cor’marak CG Human
|6’6. 170lbs. |Eyes: Green |Hair: Black |Skin: Tanned

Psychic Warrior 4

HP.48 AC 19 (23 with force screen)

Initiative: + 0

Base Attack Bonus: + 4
CMD: 18 CMB: +8

Psychokinetic Greatsword + 11 (2d6 + 1d4 + 7 19-20×2)
Msw Shortsword + 9 (1d6 + 5 19-20×2)
(+ 1d8 on Charge)

Strength: 20 (+ 5)| Dexterity: 10 (+ 0) Constitution: 10 (+ 0) Intelligence: 12 (+ 1) Wisdom: 14 (+ 2) Charisma: 14 (+ 2)

Saves: Fortitude + 4 Reflex + 1 Will + 3

Acrobatics +4 |
Stealth + 2 |
Autohypnosis +6 |
Knowledge (Psionics) +4 |
Knowledge (History) +1 |
Knowledge (Nobility) +1 |
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +2
Perception +4
Diplomacy +3
Psicraft +4

Feats & Abilities
Powerful Charge |
Speed of thought |
Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
Psionic Weapon
Psionic Body

Ealdine. Draconic.

Traits: Heroic Blood- +1 Action Point per level. Knowledge:history and Knowledge:nobility are always class skills, +1 on these skills.
Tomb Tainted Soul: Damaged by Positive Energy. Healed by Negative Energy.
Psionic Powers:
Chameleon(1st), Force Screen (1st), Prescience (Offensive)(1st) Dissolving Weapon. Body Adjustment

Item List: Conainers: (Rucksack) (Scroll Case) (Pouches)
Psychokinetic Greatsword |
Msw Shortsword |
Explorers Outfit |
Chainmail Armour |
Bedroll |
50ft silk Rope & Grappling Hook |
Brass Knuckles|
Silver Holy-Symbol of Pelor
Bone & Gold Statuette of Pelor
Waterproof Adventurer’s Script: Griffons’ Revenge |
Crystal Harmonizer (sensitivity to psychic impressions)
Ioun Stone-Quartz Cube (Light) 3/day
Powerstone (Mind Thrust) x 4 (5)
Dorje-Amethyst (Mind Thrust) x 13 (5)
Bracers of Natural Armor +2 Fire Resistance 5 (Gold Dragon Scales)
Crystal Prism/ Hilt Stone?

455gp |
18sp |
10cp |


Dashel Cor’marak

Dashel is a founding member of Griffons’ Revenge

Dashel was killed on Fairday, 7th Sun’s Rise, yr 2534 by The Spider during a daring rescue attempt in which the Griffons’ Revenge boarded the Mountain Express train in attempt to recover their friend Mikhail Borisson who The Spider had taken captive.

Dashel’s Journal

Moonday, 3rd of Sunsrise
It would seem that I have immersed myself, along with my new companions, in an intriguing and dangerous design. I mourn the death of Rynn he was a good man and a good friend, despite his past concealed endeavours working for the Red Knives, may peace favour him wherever the gods may will his soul. I fear for Jorun, his fate is still clouded and I have many suspicions about him, especially since his disclosure of being a Red Knife himself.

I have meditated upon these matters and I have found myself lacking, perhaps my mind has been confounded with emotion from the strains I have endured of late, my visions have been clouded and even those of my own history have become a misty disorderly state, I see flashes of ominous light and sprays of blood muddled up with sounds of terror and blasts of smoking debris, and the only image I can concentrate upon is the visage of my saviour Rufus Stormguarde, and his hand over my young shoulder. I still pray to Pelor every morn for a sign or whisper of my father’s presence but my prayers still go unanswered, perhaps the great lord of sun has decided to keep this from me, perhaps I am not to know until deemed ready, or perhaps my lord does not know himself and it is my fate to find these answers personally.

Despite this my spirits have been raised, it would seem my destiny has finally started to unfold; I have at long last joined the Adventurers Guild! No more laborious but unchallenging training days with Caenen or Morgann. I have decided to travel with an interesting and seemingly talented group, I enjoy Folkvars opinion towards violence and moral balance greatly, however I fear his temper may well prove a hindrance in the future. Blum and Alhena are still rather quiet in my presence; perhaps I should engage them privately to learn more about them and their talents. I find Mikhail’s honesty and kindness strange, but applaud his efforts he is a good man, I wait to see his strength in a real battle.

_I met another with Psionic Talent, Tau’s powers lie in ensnarement of the mind perhaps he is a Telepath? I hope he is found innocent and released from the station house as I would like to learn from him if he is willing, my talents lie in Psychokinetics but I may still be able to attain new information on my rare talents.

I enjoyed my clash with Joe Mancini, but it would seem that with every murder and opponent brought to Justice, another plot unfurls… I hope to survive these dark days long enough to learn of my father and see my beloved Valonia again, if only in my dreams._

Pelor’s Light guide us

Friday 28th Sunsrise Year 2534 Dashel’s Journal

“Seething fire and clashes of steel and screams of anguish have been the brunt of my visions of late, our efforts against the lizard men have not been without loss, indeed we have lost many. I fear our decisions have been badly influenced by the salamon army leaders, perhaps the strange elves have let their emotions hinder their resolve, perhaps next time a more clandestine soloution, assassination of the lizard men leader and his tyrannical dragon overlord Aragatharos for the good of the followers of the light. And then perhaps we would not be crouched in this dank stairway listening to the snarls of the lizards searching for us, or Rosilee attempting to make fighting quite a big black dragon not as hard as it sounds.
Mikhail and Folkvar have become quiet as they keep watch and check over their armour and weapons, Folkvar seems to grin through his cracked lips as if thirsty for the melee to come whereas Mikhail frowns and his eyes are stern preparing himself for the battle mentally, with Pelors grace guiding his hand I believe Mikhail could kill this dragon.
However if the future is not so bright I believe that disabling and subduing this creature to allow a closer, more powerful strike could be the key to its demise.
It is now in these moments of exhaustion and stemming bleeding wounds and reflexively checking my Ioun stones and dorje are ready and that my beautiful sword is sharp and unhindered from its sheath, that I think to the fates of my family. But at the moment, with this misfit group of nervous adventurers about to face a great and terrible evil, I have never felt so at home.”

“Pelor’s light guide us in these dark hours, may our steel strike true and deep and may the mettle of our own hearts be ever stronger as we face this new, intelligent nightmare, bless us oh’ lord and sun hold back the night, until this deed is done. Amen”

Pelor’s Light Guide us And his hand shelter us

Dashel Cor'marak

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