Boris Havell

An older man, a horse wrangler and farrier by trade. Boris is nearer 60 than 50 but a life outdoors has kept him fit and alert.


Human expert (handle animal, ride, proffession)

Boris is a well respected and well known horse trader and trainer. He is easily recognised by anyone in the trade and is a shrewd negotiator and haggler.


Only 16 years ago, Boris’s life was torn apart while on a trip to scout out potential buyers in Salamonis. His wife Angelika was attacked and brutally raped by a half orc thug while Boris was haggling with a client. She survived the ordeal but was badly injured, she was still recovering when a healer discovered she was pregnant. The strain of pregnancy, and a difficult birth, led to Angelika’s death only days after the birth of her bastard child. Anyone looking at the child could see precious little of his mother, his features showing his father’s orcish ancestry. However, Boris could see his wife’s spirit in the baby’s temperment and, feeling that the boy was the only surviving link to his beloved, he decided to raise him as his own, naming him Mikhail.

Boris cares for his son deeply but has kept a stern eye over him. He fears that Mikhail’s orcish blood could turn him into a violent brute, especially if his looks bring him nothing but scorn and rejection. He has sent Mikhail into the wider world, hoping his son will find a group of friends who will stand by him and allow him to experience the marvels of life (just as Boris himself had Dol and Rynn).

Secretly however, he fears the hardships of the road and violence of an adventurer’s life will turn his gentle son into a copy of the thug who destroyed his life 16 years ago…

Boris Havell

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