Blum Hamfist

Shorter than average for a dwarf and more wiry than stout. Wavy black hair going down to the base of his neck accompanied by a short but bushy beard. Pale complexion but with several small but vicious looking scars across the bridge of his nose and cheek.



Male Dwarf
Alchemist 2
Chaotic Good
HP: 33
AC: 15

Str: 16|
Dex: 14|
Con: 12|
Int: 14|
Wis: 14|
Cha: 6|

BAB: +1 |CMB +4 |CMD 15

Fort: +4|
Will: +2|
Ref: +5|

Brew Potion|
Throw Anything|
Steel Soul|

Profession (Chef): +7|
Craft (Alchemy): +7|
Craft (Engineering): +7|
Perception: +7|
Sleight of Hand: +7|
Spellcraft: +7|
Disable Device: +7|
Profession (Gambler): +3|
Knowledge (Local): +3|

Class Features:
Bomb (+4, 1d6 plus 2 (fire), 10 ft, 3/Day)|
Poison use|
Poison resistance (2)|
Discovery: Explosive bombs (10ft blast, fire)|

Traits: Can use cookery tools as improvised weapons. Profession:Gambler and Knowledge:local are both class skills, +1 on both skills. Can make profession:chef to hide alchemical items/poisons/potions in food.

Enlarge Person|
Disguise Self|
Cure Light Wounds|

Heavy Leather Aprons (Studded leather armour)|baggy black clothing|
Heavy Cleaver (1d8/x3/Slashing)|
Collapsable wooden kitchen (Wash basins, multiple preperation surfaces
cupboards and racks)|
Pots and pans|
Several small pouches of herbs and spices|
card: 4 of clubs| Adventurer’s Guild Script: Griffons’ Revenge| MSW +1 Thieves’ tools|serrated knives|Phaerlan’s Journal|one good cigar|bloodroot poison x5|dark reaver powder| oil of shillelagh| spare set of workman’s clothes| scroll: protection from law1| scroll: cause fear1| vial of acid x3| good quality ink| gnoll poison (code: GN)| Golden Key (Herodor and Sons)| Fancy Brown Suit| Tenderising Hammer| 150gp) |138gp | 2sp | 24cp|


Born as a product of a one night stand, he never knew his father. His mother was an alchemist and engineer who was regularly attached to the military and so spent much time away from her son, luckily for Blum, as she was a brutally harsh parent. When Salamonis requested aid from Thorik Mithraleye, she was among the first to travel to the southern city, with Blum in tow.

The next five years were something of an eye opener for young Blum, the differences between the dour Dun-e-Dor and the libertarian Salamonis were huge enough to leave a lasting impression on him. A life of casual apprenticeship under his demanding mother led to his sharing her profession, if not her attitude or demeanour. This life lasted until his mother was killed in the riots that accompanied the Capitavirate losing control of the city. But when peace was restored he did not return to his birthplace or travel on to Tor Arcane along with the bulk of the Capitavirate forces. He instead chose to stay in Salamonis, hoping that the newly liberated population didn’t label him as a ‘Cap thug’.

Young by the standards of most dwarves away from their homelands, having just come into his 38th year, Blum is nevertheless enjoying the humble life he’s chiselled out for himself in Salamonis’ Golden Circuit district. Employed as an apprentice cook in the popular tavern ‘The Dancing Griffon’, a stone’s throw away from the bardic college, he lives a life of late nights and never seeing the bright side of a morning. Most of his free time is spent either idly experimenting with his late mother’s alchemist equipment, playing cards behind ‘The Dancing Griffon’ or tentatively daydreaming of life of fulfilment and excitement.

Blum is a founding member of Griffons’ Revenge.

Blum was killed on weatherday 19th Sun’s Rise 2534 by Xengi, Blackscale Lizarfolk commander of the force which had subdued Lake Town. The rest of the party managed to succeed in defeating the Lizards and freeing the town where Blum and Folkvar Asgierrare now hailed as a fallen heroes with minimal civilian casualties.

Blum Hamfist

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