A mighty black dragon with curved horns and a distinctive pattern of crests and spikes on her skull-like head. A vicious scar down her face only adds to her ferocity


Adult black Dragon
CE Huge Dragon (water)

Known abilities:

Damage reduction ??/magic
Spell resistance ??
Breath weapon (line of acid)
Corrupt water
Dragon senses
Frightful presence
Breathe water


A mighty black dragon with curved horns and a distinctive pattern of crests and spikes on her skull-like head. A vicious scar down her face only adds to her ferocity.

Aragatharos is a black dragon from Karnok, a nation in the Dragonlands, far to the south of Salamonis.

She moved north to the region of Darkfell in her youth around the year 2528 and set up a base in the swamps there lording over a small tribe of Blackscale Lizardfolk. Before long she began a feud with another dragon who lived nearby- Maeralathon, a green dragon also from Karnok and his tribe of Poisondusk Lizardfolk. The war between them grew so intense that it threatened the nearby town of Tor Acarne and various adventuring groups including the Dragon Slayers of Fang and the Gentlemen of Fortune were contracted to find and slay the two dragons. None were successful however, and Aragatharos eventually overcame her larger rival and slew him in a mighty battle which shook the swamp and forests around. Aragatharos took over Maeralathon’s lair and hoard before integrating the remains of his tribe into her own.

As more Lizardfolk and Dragonspawn fled the Dragon War and moved north, more and more heard stories of a new dragon nation being founded by a brave black dragon and so each week, more stragglers flocked to Aragatharos’ cause. Her tribe now numbered in the hundreds and were made of Lizardfolk of all different creeds and colours. Her threat to Tor Acarne grew by the day and her forces pushed further and further out of their swamp, searching the ancient ruins around the area for artefacts and magical items which lay buried there. By this time in 2531, the Capitavirate had taken over control of Tor Acarne and they sent knights and heroes by the dozen to battle with the mighty dragon but each was violently killed and Aragatharos grew larger and stronger.

She was finally defeated by the Dragon Hunters of Fang who were aided by a mighty Paladin. Fighting through her armies, the heroes did battle with Aragatharos and mortally wounded her, giving her the scar she now possesses across her face. The heroes were killed themselves however in the combat, all except the mysterious Paladin who helped them. Some say this mysterious warrior was none other than Mercutio Drake, while others say that the notion of him working with the Capitavirate are ludicrous and believe that it was the spirit of Chiquotl Silverdrake come back from the dead to aid in the destruction of a hated foe.

Regardless of the truth, Aragatharos fled Darkfell with the last few surviving Lizardfolk under her command and was never seen in the region again.

Stories began to surface in late 2532 that a black dragon was seen in the south of Salamon but the confusion of the undead assault on the nation’s captial which occurred in 2533 stopped any proper investigation from being undertaken. Liel tribes in the area later confirmed that a black dragon matching Aragatharos’ description did indeed move into the area and began a blood feud against a blue dragon and its tribe who dwelled in the deserts of the region. Before long Aragatharos had destroyed her new rival and once more took up a tribe and began to terrorize the area, attacking native Liel and Gnoll tribes and reportedly scouring the area for some artefact of vast power said to be buried somewhere nearby.

In Sun’s Rise 2534, Aragatharos’ Lizardfolk attacked the newly founded Salamon town of Lake Town, enslaving the populace and setting up a base of operations. If not for the timely intervention of the adventuring party Griffon’s Revenge, the town would have been lost. The party fought off the Lizards and their leader Xengi (one of Aragatharos’ half-breed children) and rescued the town. Later that week, the same adventuring group led an assault on Aragatharos’ forces who had occupied an island nestled on a lake between Lake Town and Aragatharos’ lair. The Salamon Army seriously crippled Aragatharos’ forces and the Griffons wounded the dragon severely and forced her to flee the field and return to her lair, no doubt to plot her revenge…


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