Aermund Gunnarsen

Stocky yet handsome with long braided dark hair and striking blue eyes, this Northlander Skald carries himself with confidence and grace. An underlying sense of power and animalistic passion is detectable through his polite speech and facial expressions.


Male Human (northlander) Cleric (Zephyrus)/Savage Skald


Aermund is a loud yet likeable fellow hailing from the harsh Northlands. He is a priest by trade, following the Western Wind, Zephyrus. His true passion however, lies in music which he deems to be the true way of expressing his devotion. He recites epic sagas of heroes from his homeland and is trained in the war horn as traditional for battle heralds and Skalds of his tribe. Since coming to Salamonis however he has taken a shine to the stringed instruments more commonly found this far south. He can often be found practicing his skills with lute and guitar in the parks of the Golden Circuit by day and the many saloons and tap rooms in the city by night.

Aermund never seems to hold down a real job for more than a few days before moving on, becoming bored or fired for being too drunk or too intimate with a barkeep’s daughter. Aermund prefers the life of a traveller, a new common room and woman each night is his idea of heaven. He has taken a liking to The Dancing Griffon of late and spends a lot of time there with his friend Jorun.

Aermund is an associate of Folkvar Asgierr, having hailed from a neighbouring tribe.

Aermund Gunnarsen

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