Alhena Castor


Female Halfling | Sorcerer 5 | Neutral


Str: 8 | Dex: 16 | Con: 12 | Int: 14 | Wis: 8 | Cha: 20


HP: 41 | BAB: +2 | CMB: 0 | CMD: 13 | AC: 15


Fort: +4 | Ref: +6 | Will: +5


Fleet, Eshew Materials, Craft Wondrous Item


Acrobatics (4) | Appraise (6) | Bluff (12) | Climb (1) | Disguise (6) | Escape Artist (5) | Handle Animal (7) | Intimidate (6) | Knowledge: Arcana (9) | Knowledge: Nature (6) | Knowledge: Planes (11) | Perception (1) | Perform: Sing (8) | Profession: Astrologer (3) | Profession: Sailor (3)| Ride (5) | Spellcraft (7) | Stealth (6) | Use Magic Device (9)

Class Features:

Bloodline: Star Soul | Minute Meteors 7/day (1d4+2 damage, reflex DC 16 negates) | Arcana: Dazzling Evocation | Eschew Materials | Darkvision 30ft. | Resist cold/fire 5 | Low-light vision


Gift of the magi: At a young age you were gifted a Spyglass by a Scholar or Mage as a favoured student.
Halfling Blood: Profession: Sailor and Knowledge: Planes are always class skills, +1 to these skills. Add Guidance and Augury to spells known.


Cantrips: Message | Ray of Frost | Resistance | Spark | Read Magic | Detect Magic

1st level: Mage Armour | Magic Missile | Vanish | Grease | Unseen Servant

2nd level: Scorching Ray | Glitterdust | Glide


Sling, Bullets (20), Spear, Tent, Very High Quality Blanket, Bedroll, Waterskin, Rations (3), High Quality Mirror, Sealing Wax, Needle and Thread, Sunrod (2), Very High Quality Thick Cloak, Explorer Outfit, Family Heirloom and Mark of royalty; a Delicate Silver Diadem encrusted with one large central Moonstone, Spyglass, Princess Diary, Princess Horse Brush, Horse feed (3), carrots (9), Adventurer’s Guild Script ( Griffon’s Revenge), 2 potions: cure light wounds 1,

Cash: 89g 30s 100c

Language: Halfling, Tirianno, Ealdine,


Alhena of the Castor line was once heir to the throne in distant halfling lands where the secrets of the stars were permitted to only the male gender by ancient decree. So when her father found that Alhena had been studying the stars with her elderly tutor she was sentenced to death. After a frantic scuffle she narrowly escaped with the help of her tutor Deneb Farrendel, who was last seen by Alhena being dragged back to the Palace for sentencing. She last saw her homeland from a barrel she had been hastely sealed in, upon a boat headed to the distant city of Salamonis where she would start a new life.

Her tutor had supplied her with common weapons (in which she had been trained) along with rations and essentials to survive in the wild. Other than this her only worldly possesions now consist of her 5 gold, and her family heirlooms and a reminder of her retracted birthright; a delicately crafted Diadem of Silver carefully encrusted with a large central moonstone that shines like a star in the moonlight. The Diadem was once her mothers and is said to be magical although Alhena’s training has yet to distinguish how it is magical and to what extent or effect as the aura seems weak and distant.

Alhena still sits silent and snug in her barrel alert and awaiting the inevitable opening, preparing to bolt at the first sign of light or land. Her Royal Blue hair remains tied tightly as it did the night she escaped the palace and her diadem hidden, pinned tightly under her hood. Alhena has set her mind to staying on the move, and earning some coin in the process. She has heard tale of people paid highly to explore and battle with magics overseas and hopes to seize such an opportunity. Not only to keep on the move but to provide her with riches, experience and strong allies to one day overpower (or defend against) her father and twin brother who will surely be met again.

Alhena is a member of Griffons’ Revenge

Alhena Castor

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