• Carlos Castillo

    Carlos Castillo

    Well dressed but a little rough around the edges; oft bruised but always smiling. With a guitar on his back and a sword at his hip, Carlos is a man who has decided to enjoy his use while he has the chance.
  • Dashel Cor'marak

    Dashel Cor'marak

    Noble heir of the Cor'marak family of Lost Valonia. Psionic Warrior and Disciple of Pelor.
  • Mikhail Borisson

    Mikhail Borisson

    Mikhail seems shy and almost embarrassed by his obvious physical power. His face has features not usually found on humans and his teeth resemble blunt tusks and fangs. His equipment is simple and unadorned.
  • Mordreth Silverflame

    Mordreth Silverflame

    A Seeker with the Church of Wee Jas. He fights with a combination of magic and a katana, favouring hit-and-run style combat.
  • Acilian Bayvacari

    Acilian Bayvacari

    Pirate, scoundrel and Halfing
  • Aermund Gunnarsen

    Aermund Gunnarsen

    Stocky yet handsome with long braided dark hair and striking blue eyes, this Northlander Skald carries himself with confidence and grace. An underlying sense of power and animalistic passion is detectable through his polite speech and facial expressions.
  • Aragatharos


    A mighty black dragon with curved horns and a distinctive pattern of crests and spikes on her skull-like head. A vicious scar down her face only adds to her ferocity
  • Arraghog


    A majestic dragon covered with gleaming brass scales which seem to radiate heat and celestial light. His eyes are glowing orbs of white light and his laugh is the thunder which brings about a pleasant rain
  • Baptiste Lejeune

    Baptiste Lejeune

    A friendly, polite Human man in his fifties. He speaks with a heavy Ealdine accent and his deep green eyes are like fonts of knowledge
  • Blum Hamfist

    Blum Hamfist

    Shorter than average for a dwarf and more wiry than stout. Wavy black hair going down to the base of his neck accompanied by a short but bushy beard. Pale complexion but with several small but vicious looking scars across the bridge of his nose and cheek.
  • Boris Havell

    Boris Havell

    An older man, a horse wrangler and farrier by trade. Boris is nearer 60 than 50 but a life outdoors has kept him fit and alert.
  • Brutus


    A massive destrier, standing at just over 19 hands and weighing near to 1,000Ib.
  • Buttercup


    Alhena Castor's Loyal Steed
  • Chaplain Scabbia

    Chaplain Scabbia

    A strong looking man with a bald head and wise green eyes which are at odds with his otherwise youthful expression. He wears the robes of 'Chaplain' of Kord and carries a powerful maul
  • Dimitria Runetongue

    Dimitria Runetongue

    A beautiful dwarf woman, still well within her first century, with long and partially braided strawberry blonde hair. Clothed in the dark and regal robes of the Wee Jas Magus, she bears a welcoming and comforting presence.
  • Dolrick 'Dol' Harrisson

    Dolrick 'Dol' Harrisson

    A human man with weathered skin and a noble gait. His salt and pepper beard is neatly trimmed and his shining eyes betray a keen intellect. His expression is always calm and he has a jaded, 'seen-it-all-before' turn to his lips
  • Dr Ozymandyas Lavergne

    Dr Ozymandyas Lavergne

    An old gnome with a long beard and thick spectacles, Dr Lavergne barely notices you as he sifts though papers and fiddles with a pipe. He wears an old-fashioned suit and hat
  • Father Donato

    Father Donato

    A kindly man in his forties but with a stern look in his eye. He is muscular and tall with greying hair and a gravelly yet comforting voice
  • Frankie Tiscali

    Frankie Tiscali

    A human man glares at you with a confident sneer. He wears a well-tailored suit and a hat covers his dark hair
  • Gruznik


    A monstrous Orc strides forth, a mountain of green muscle covered in barbaric furs laced with leather and plate sections. Fetishes and trophies dangle from his belt along with numerous axes and javelins. He carries a powerful-looking greataxe as if it wer
  • Jorun Werrock

    Jorun Werrock

    Jorun is a cheery, smiling young human with rugged auburn hair and scruffy-yet attractive beard. He focusses on you with keen brown eyes and flashes one of his winning smiles
  • Kalara Everleaf

    Kalara Everleaf

    A slight elf woman catches your eye with a mischievous wink and a hint of a curled smile on her lips. Her hair is long, golden and unkempt yet clean and healthy. Her pale flesh gives way to crimson scales around the edges of her face and tops of her arms.
  • Lord Mancini

    Lord Mancini

    A powerfully-built man in his youth but muscle now starting to turn to fat, Mancini still cuts an imposing figure in his impeccable suit, glass of brandy in hand. He regards you with deep brown eyes which know all beneath a shadowed heavy brow and bald he
  • Marcello Ferrici

    Marcello Ferrici

    A young, arrogant human man sneers at your common attire. His dark hair is perfectly parted and expensive clothing perfectly worn as he swaggers with the power of his family's wealth
  • Mercutio Drake

    Mercutio Drake

    A handsome man with black hair and a muscular build stands before you in light chain and plate armour. A curved katana hangs from his belt and his left arm ends in a bandaged stump. His stance tells you that he is an accomplished swordsman and veteran of
  • Miothyn


    A dazzlingly beautiful young human girl, no older than nineteen crouches before you whispering to a small animal. Her clothes are colourful and show off her curves without being distasteful. The curved katana hanging from her narrow belt is clearly well u
  • Nightshade


    This white-haired elf's height and powerful build is at odds with the elegance of a traditional elf, as is the stubble on chin. His clothes are that of a woodsman and he carries the weapons of the trade on his back
  • Raven


    This man dresses in dark clothes which appear simple and practical yet elegant at the same time. His stare is as cold as ice and his only visible possession is a curved Katana at his hip
  • Rustlin Triggergrin

    Rustlin Triggergrin

    A fiery haired gnome with well curled moustache and matching goatee. Never seen without his one of a kind (and self named) 'Longneck Stringking'. Generally a dour and impatient individual save when he's on stage, where he can set himself free.
  • Sara


    A stunningly beautiful woman with pale skin, dark hair and crimson lips. She holds you in her piercing stare and you are powerless to resist her control as she bares her long incisors
  • Sheriff Greg Boldred

    Sheriff Greg Boldred

    Dark skinned and stern, Boldred wears his Iron Fist uniform over broad-shouldered plate mail armour
  • Sheriff Tobias Blake

    Sheriff Tobias Blake

    Ex-Salamonis Town Guard, Sheriff of Rose Falls
  • Taiyend d'Tremmellin

    Taiyend d'Tremmellin

    Governor of Salamon, former adventurer with 'The Gentlemen of Fortune'
  • Tau Sutekh

    Tau Sutekh

    Talairen man with golden skin covering a well-toned physique. His flesh is covered in beautiful tattoos of spirals, eyes and a lion rampant on his chest. He is quiet, polite and looks at you knowingly with an expression that is impossible to fathom
  • The Spider

    The Spider

    A pasty Doppelganger with a bulbous head and hideous distended jaw. His long spindly arms are covered with horrific self-harm scars and burns. He was rarely caught in his natural form however, preferring to operate under one of many alternate 'personas'
  • Vestrilar


    An ancient corpse encased in clay and funerary wrappings and adorned with relics of a by gone age. Its eyes are hollow pits which glower with the will of the hells and an aura of dark magic and fear surrounds the abominations's entire being
  • Xanaphia Xiloscient

    Xanaphia Xiloscient

    A young, pretty half-elf female. She is dressed in the dark garb of a Wee Jas magus adorned with the mantle and sceptre marking her as 'Relefactor' of that faith. She is well groomed and smiles subtly as she catches your eye