Salamonis Chronicles

Session Nine

Fairday 21st Sun’s Rise yr2534

Summary: The party gain access to the complex, fighting a number of vicious creatures and recovering a seal which should open the towers. Party sustains heavy wounds and other detriments during thier fights.

After taking a few moments to catch thier breath, the party spread out to find a way to enter the main complex below them. A few damaged walls catch thier eye as potential means of entry as well as the buildings main door. However, they find a stairwell leading into the building from the roof blocked by only a mouldy wooden door. Mikhail makes short work of the door as well as the next one. Inside the party find themselves in an abandoned and musty dormatory, there is little of value besides some trinkets so they move on.

North Wing, Top Floor

As the party explore this level of the complex they find most of the floor is taken up some some large, eldritch experimentation chamber. Finding nothing much of value or danger they decide to investigate further, Rosi and Alhena take up position by a control panel which they claim to understand the basic layout of, Carlos and Dashel enter the experimentation chamber while Mikhail and Folkvar keep watch on a set of stairs leading onto the lower floors. As Carlos and Dashel warily enter the heavy iron door they entered through slams shut and locks. They are not too concerned, until a handful of lightning elementals are summoned into the room with them! As Dashel engages them and Carlos attempts to evade thier shocking blasts the girls try to aid them using the control panel, this proves less than helpful as they subject Dashel and Carlos to sonic booms, lightning attacks, magnetic interference and reversed gravity. However, Folkvar rushes to the door and holds it open as Dashel and Carlos stagger through the door, wounded but alive. More importantly, a large iron box which sat in the centre of the experimentation room seemed to contain items of some worth. Before they can investigate Mikhail rushes into the control room, slamming the door behind him and announcing that a swarm of something are rushing up the stairs. The party hurridly reassemble in the control room, Dashel passing out bottles to set alight and throw. As the stone door collapses a swarm of Mage-Rippers hurtles through! Dashel, Folkvar and Alhena throw or summon fire to scorch the vicious creatures, Mikhail throws himself into combat but the Mage-rippers are uninterested in him attacking Folkvar and Dashel before moving on to Alhena in particular. The party furiously attack the swarm, breaking it up quickly, covering the walls and floor with the creatures fluids but not before more wounds are sustained and a portion of the party’s magical and psionic reserves are drained.

The party can finally explore the experimentation room, recovering a potent magical robe and a large amulet which appears to be the seal required to access the towers on the roof. Even with this in hand the party decide to press on in the hopes of finding more magical artifacts, heading for a large set of stone stairs.

North Wing, Ground Floor and Gardens

The party arrive in a well appointed entry chamber which has been completed overrun by the Mage Rippers, excrement, fur and other detritus litters the floor and walls. A small cabinet stands to one side which Alhena and Carlos are drawn to, finding a set of wands which they quickly identify. Meanwhile Mikhail checks the corridor, finding odd piles of rocky dust with glittering purple crystals set in them. Curious, he tries to pull out a crystal when the dust pile suddenly explodes outwards, Mikhail stumbles backwards coughing and dropping his weapons. He staggers against the wall and behaves very strangly when the party approach him, seeming panicked and distraught. The party question him as best they can and discover that the powder he inhaled has gravely affected his ability to reason and his common sense. Alhena summons an ‘Unseen Servant’ to clear the corridor while Mikhail tries to clear his head. With the piles cleared the party spot a small body lying on the ground, it is a Menephinian dromite. Rosi finds that he has a pulse so the party decide to take him somewhere safe before continuing. Folkvar, Carlos and Rosi take the dromite back to the dormatory on the top floor, while they are gone Mikhail blunders through a door leading to a small garden at the back of the building. Dashel and Alhena pursue him to prevent thier incapacitated friend from coming to harm.

As Dashel restrains Mikhail, Alhena decides to investigate some of the unusual flora in this garden. Suddenly a thick vine wraps itself around her neck and face, lifting her from the ground and preventing her from crying out. Mikhail and Dashel are oblivious until the last minute when they turn in time to see Alhena being dropped into the maw of a huge plant creature! Drawing thier weapons they charge to her rescue, Mikhail being tripped and entangled in vines and Dashel dealing heavy wounds with his greatsword. Unfortunatly, the creature’s wounds seem to regenerate almost as fast as they can be dealt and Alhena seems doomed until she manages to summon a ray of fire from inside the creatures gullet and blast a hole large enough to wriggle free. Still steaming from the creature’s acidic stomach juices Alhena manages to get clear just in time to see Mikhail stuffed into its mouth in her place. Dashel and Alhena attack the beast with spell and sword and during the fight the rest of the party arrive, although Rosi and Carlos’s precise weapons are not well suited to hurting the woody creature’s body. Eventually the creature is knocked to the ground and while Folkvar deals a handful of grevious wounds to prevent it from simply regenerating, Carlos and Dashel cut Mikhail free. Mikhail is still concious but is badly wounded and most of his gear has been rendered useless by the strong acids. With the party exhasted and most of them wounded they decide to rest and wait for the dromite to awaken before pressing on any further.

North Wing, Remainder of Ground Floor and Entrance Chamber

The party rest, recovering thier strength and magical reserves. Dashel and Folkvar lend Mikhail some equipment to replace his ruined gear although his mental affliction continues. The dromite awakens during the night while Alhena is on watch, with Mikhail incapacitated and Folkvar unable to speak the dromite’s language she wakes up Dashel. Dashel attempts to convey thier peaceful intentions, even giving the dromite some food, but the wounded dromite, not understanding the situation lunges for Dashel for more food. Dashel, surprised and wary, lashes out and knocks the dromite unconcious with a heavy fist. The noise wakes the rest of the party, while the party chastise Dashel for his hasty action, Mikhail, thinking this is a game, punches Dashel in the face! Dashel, surprised and angry automatically attacks back but is prevented from doing any damage. The party quickly seperate the two and Dashel quickly calms down when he remembers that Mikhail is not himself.

Saintsday 22nd Sun’s Rise yr 2534

Back on the lower levels the party encounter a trapped bearded devil, which is accidentally freed while the party try and decide on the best course of action. While the party initially try and strike a deal with the devil to force it to return to its home plane they attack it when it appears to not be doing so. As Dashel and Mikhail attack, the devil teleports away leaving them angry and more than slightly apprehensive at the prospect of a devil loose on the material plane.

The rest of the North wing provides a few sacks of valuable loot, crafting materials and ancient wines. The party are attacked by and defeat a small group of undead in a freezer room although the party again takes wounds. As they stumble into the entry hall they find the floor littered by razor sharp glass shards from a broken skylight, they spread out to explore. In the darkness Dashel is seized by a grotesque creature hanging from the underside of a balcony. As it repeatedly stings him with poison the rest of the party become aware that they are under attack again. Mikhail, Carlos and Rosi draw thier ranged weapons and fire volley’s at the creature while Alhena clears the hazardous glass to allow the party room to move. Under a barrage of bolts and attacked by Folkvar the creature releases Dashel who immediatly summons a ‘Mind Blast’ to destroy the creature’s brain. Without the element of suprise, a second creature is quickly dealt with and a vile nest of the creature’s young is put to the torch.

With less than half the complex explored, wounded and exhasted, the party ponder thier next moves as they try to catch thier breath after this last, vicious fight…

Folkvar’s Journal

We manage to gain entry into the ruins to find ourselves encountering an endless series of vile creatures. First we encounter beings made wholey of lightning in some kind of laboratory and spider-like entities that seem drawn to any users of magic. Alhena hypothesises that these things must be remnants of the mystic forces that must have been employed in this place in ages past. Regardless of their origin they prove quite lethal, and we should best be on our guard. The surrounding we find ourselves in suggest that this was a place of learning and import, so it will probably hold many valuable artifacts and deadly traps.
After the magic seeking ‘Mage Rippers’ we descend a series of stairs to and see a strange collection of stalagmites made of dust. Mickael touches one and is explodes, shrouding him in a haze. This seems to have a powerful effect on his mind as he loses what little social grace he previously had. He is reduced to the manner of a savant, able to follow instructions and think for himself, but lacks foresight and logic. We tread carefully after that, but soon find a devil trapped in a circle of magical force.
I am more than ready to release this foul abomination and send him back to the hell he came from, but the others are more wary. They banter and bargain with it. Unsurprisingly, when they free it with the agreement that it must immediately return to it’s home, it remains. So gladly we attack, but the cowardly moster flees. I dont know where it went, and I hope it lived up to it’s end of the deal, but somehow I doubt it.
As we travel further we encounter an unconscious insect humanoid, which I am informed is called a Dromite. We take pity on the creature, so I help take it up to a relatively safe area closer to where we entered the ruin. While I was gone Alhena manages to get herself devoured by a tree. Fortunatly she was able to escape, but not without trading places with Mickael. The witless halforc manages to cut his way out, but leaves his armour behind, so is forced to borrow what spare protection the rest of us can offer him.
The further we explore, the more enemies we discover. In a cold storage room we are attacked by frozen corpses. In, what appears to be an entrance-way, we are attacked by poisonous vine creatures, which developed a liking for Dashiel. Once these are dealt with we return to where we left the Dromite to rest, as we are throughly drained from all the combat. However, while I slept the Dromite awoke, and through some ‘misunderstanding’ Dashiel punches it in the face, knocking it out cold. This eventful trip is far from over, so I must prepare myself for any other surprises we have in store for us.



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